What impact will lack of folic acid?For pregnant women, I have to pay attention to

We all know that many doctors before pregnancy have instructed expectant mothers to make up more folic acid.In the first three months after pregnancy, folic acid must also be supplemented.Some pregnant women are taking folic acid throughout pregnancy.Most people may not know the effect of folic acid on the human body.I don’t know what the effect of folic acid is lacking?Let’s discuss it below.

Pregnant women generally need to deliberately supplement folic acid.Some people think that they are good, and they are the best age for having children. They are not picky in daily diet, so there is no need to take folic acid.In fact, this is a wrong concept. The folic acid content that pregnant women need during pregnancy are 6 to 8 times that of the amount of folic acid during pregnancy.More importantly, during pregnancy, the content of folic acid in her body will decrease.Therefore, if folic acid is not supplemented, it will lead to deficiency of folic acid in pregnant women.

First of all, if the body lacks folic acid before pregnancy, it may not be easy to conceive and increase the difficulty of pregnancy.If folic acid is lacking during pregnancy, fetal nerve tube deformities may be caused, including brain -free and spinal bales.It is also possible that pregnant women will have phenomena such as eclampies and premature placenta.This is very dangerous for pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, pregnant women must supplement folic acid, and breastfeeding women also take folic acid every day.

In addition, if children lack folic acid, they also have serious consequences, if they may cause children to have nutritional giant red blood cell anemia.If adults lack folic acid, they may also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.Therefore, pregnant women and children and adults need to supplement folic acid in time.

Except for pregnant women, we generally bring folic acid from food. Many of the food we often use contain a lot of folic acid, such as animal liver, soy products we often eat, vegetables and fruits contain a lot of folic acid.However, folic acid in food will lose large parts during processing.In order to keep folic acid in food more likely, it is recommended to fry quickly with emergency heat.Usually eat more walnuts and peanuts.Because the content of folic acid in raw peanuts is still very high.

Folic acid is very harmful to human health, but if excessive folic acid can also have great side effects on the human body.For example, excessive folic acid in the human body will affect the absorption of zinc in the human body, which may cause the fetus to delay, and it is likely to cause the fetus to lose weight at a low weight.Large -dose folic acid may also cover the early symptoms of the human body’s lack of vitamin B12, which leads to damage to the human nervous system.

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