What impact can pregnant women’s progesterone affect the body?What should pregnant women eat low progesterone?

During pregnancy examinations during pregnancy, doctors remind pregnant mothers to pay attention to normal progesterone.Because in the early pregnancy, progesterone is very important for fetuses.If there is low progesterone, it will not only affect the development of the fetus, but also the phenomenon of miscarriage.So, can pregnant women sit at work?

Can pregnant women sit at work?

If you pass the examination after pregnancy, you can find that the progesterone is relatively low. At this time, it is best not to go to work. Take a few days of leave for a few days to rest and help the body to condition.In addition, if you need to go to work, it is best not to sit for a long time.You can pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and you can get up in the work gap to avoid sitting for a long time.

What impact can pregnant women’s progesterone affect the body?

The low progesterone of pregnant women will increase the excitement of the uterine muscle, and it is easy to increase the sensitivity of the uterine muscle.This can easily lead to the phenomenon of abortion, abortion or premature birth in pregnant women.Therefore, hyperthytes of pregnant women need to be treated in a timely manner.In addition, low progesterone in pregnant women can cause unable to maintain an aloic reaction, insufficient nutritional supply of embryos, and prone to abortion of embryos.

What should pregnant women eat low progesterone?

1. progesterone is often referred to as progesterone. This substance secretes in women’s ovaries and regulates endocrine.Low progesterone after pregnancy can easily lead to abortion, so it needs to be paid attention to.When progesterone is low, natural progesterone needs to be supplemented, which can improve food improvement.Soy products rich in soy isoflavones are appropriately eaten, and natural vitamin E is also required to help women secrete progesterone.

2. Women with low progesterone can eat foods rich in fruit -rich, dietary fiber, and fresh fruits and vegetables contain more pectin and dietary fiber, which will not cause great fluctuations in blood glucose after supplementing nutrition.Because fruits can improve appetite, promote digestion, effectively delay aging, and prevent arteriosclerosis.

3. It is recommended that pregnant women with low progesterone eat more foods such as grapefruit, duck pear, kiwi, strawberry and other foods.These foods contain vitamin C, lemon oil essence, biofnochloronin, etc., and rich vitamin C helps promote blood circulation and promote the secretion of progesterone.

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