What if pregnant women have inflammation?

During pregnancy, some pregnant women do not pay attention to health care, causing gynecological diseases!Experts point out that pregnant women will rise due to the level of hormone levels, and the secretions will increase, and vaginal pH will also change. Bacteria parasites in the vaginal area will also occur with the environment. Among them, vaginitis is among pregnant women among pregnant women.Common women’s inflammation.So what if pregnant women have inflammation?

What should I do if pregnant women have inflammation?

Pregnant mothers should not blindly use drugs for treatment during the treatment of inflammation. In the early stages of pregnancy and medication in the early pregnancy, some drugs should have an impact on the development of the fetus.EssenceBecause it is easy to cause aura or miscarriage because it is unknown when rinse.Therefore, it is best for pregnant mothers to go to regular hospitals. After communicating with doctors, they are treated under the guidance of the physician to treat medication to prevent the use of drugs on the development of the fetus without permission.

Precautions for gynecological inflammation during pregnancy

1. Pay attention to maintaining good personal hygiene habits, and the sanitary paper should be wiped from the back to prevent the anal bacteria from passing to the vagina and urethra.Wash the vulva every day, keep the vulva clean and dry.

2. Female friends must do a gynecological examination before pregnancy to find and treat early. At the same time, if they have female inflammation, it is best to treat husband and wife during treatment.

3. Choose the right underwear and try to make the pussy breathing novel air with soft and breathable clothes.

4. During pregnancy, you should change your underwear and eat less spicy foods to avoid helping dampness and heat, and induce various types of inflammation.

Does pregnant women have inflammation on the fetus?

When pregnant women suffer from inflammation, if they are not treated in time, they are likely to affect pregnancy, cause premature premature birth, and may cause fetal infection.Therefore, once pregnant mothers find that they have abnormal leucorrhea, itching, burning pain, frequent urination, pain or pain, etc., they must check the causes in time, and then treat them with symptomatic treatment under the guidance of a professional doctor to prevent feminine inflammation and harm to themselves and themselves and themselves.Baby’s health.

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