What happened after pregnancy?

Recently, we received a message from a young mother in the background. The message tells about her bumpy experience during pregnancy. We were very distressed after reading.

During the 20+ weekdays of pregnancy, the mother found that the blood pressure was abnormal. The doctor suggested that she was hospitalized immediately. After examination, she was diagnosed as "early eclampsia".

After active treatment and tight monitoring of the hospital, her blood pressure slowly calmed down, but because the medical treatment was not in time, the blood pressure of the pregnant woman was controlled too late. In order to ensure the safety of life, she had to "terminate pregnancy".It is very collapsed, but it can only accept the facts.

"Eclampstyle" is a type of disease in hypertension during pregnancy, and the cause of the onset is unclear.The probability of pre -eclampsia in pregnant women is about 5%, and about every 200 patients with elobe may develop eclampsia.

Eclave is an obstetric emergency. It may cause severe maternal complications, including premature placenta peeling, cerebral hemorrhage, coagulation dysfunction, limited fetal growth, dead tires, maternal kidney, liver, and heart damage, etc.There is no better treatment.

For many doctors, the most helpless pregnancy period in the clinic is that many pregnant mothers do not manage at all, do not see the doctor, and improperly twitch to see the emergency department.After rescue "Nine Dead Life".

Fortunately, this mother was pregnant again, and now she has given birth to a healthy baby, and gradually came out of the shadow.

At the end of the message, she said, "Be sure to pay attention to health during pregnancy, because any small problem you think may develop into a big problem, and eventually bring irreparable consequences."

First, pay attention to the health and safety of your own and fetus.

Whether it is common diseases during pregnancy, discomfort during pregnancy, abnormal conditions, medication, diet, homes, childbirth, etc., it may affect the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses, and even safety, and need to pay special attention.

In addition, complications during pregnancy should also be focused on the problems of high incidence such as hypertension, diabetes, and anemia during pregnancy.In terms of gestational diabetes, the incidence of only 20%to 25%in Beijing is only 20%to 25%.

Therefore, you should pay more attention to your physical condition. If you have discomfort such as headache, obvious edema, and itching of skin, you must seek medical treatment in time.If you are diagnosed with complications during pregnancy, actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, and closely follow the clinic.

Secondly, we must focus on the development of the fetus.

Early pregnancy is an important period of fetal organs. If you do not pay attention, you may cause malformations and dysplasia of the fetus. Some problems may accompany the child’s life.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the development of the fetus during pregnancy, and regularly check for the birth, such as NT examination, "Tang sieve" examination, ultrasonic examination, fetal movement monitoring, etc., and change poor living habits, adhere to a healthy diet, and exercise reasonably.

Finally, do a good job of weight management.

Too much weight loss during pregnancy can cause some problems. Excessive weight gain may cause gestational diabetes, hypertension, production injuries during childbirth, "huge child", and difficulty in postpartum repair.Among them, the huge child will not only increase the chance of cesarean section during childbirth, but the baby’s risk of hypertension, diabetes, and obesity will increase greatly; too little weight gain may cause detention in the fetus in the fetus, so thereforeIt is very important to do a good job of weight management during pregnancy.

1. The baby’s fetal age is calculated according to "week"

It turns out that the baby’s fetal age is not calculated monthly but weekly.There are 28, 29, 30, and 31 days per month. The number of days is different, and the week is seven days, so the baby’s fetal age is 28 days per month.

2. Male doctor examination

At a certain B -ultrasound in the pregnancy test, when I met a male doctor, I felt "so embarrassing ah", and then calmly calmly, "It’s okay to calm down, and I will encounter such a thing afterwards.There are also female doctors next to it, not embarrassing or embarrassing. "

3, too drowsiness

Because of the hormone in the body, many women’s sleep quality becomes super good after pregnancy. It is often sleepy at about 9:30 in the evening, and then she sleeps.During the day, you can often be sleepy and want to sleep.

4. Frequent running in the bathroom

From the beginning of the second trimester, I often run the bathroom. I don’t drink much water, but I will run many times.Every time you go out, you can know where the bathroom is, or you will have a sense of security, otherwise you will either not go out or you will worry about going out.

Not to mention the third trimester, I couldn’t afford night, the quality of sleep was very good, and I slept until dawn. I would get up 2 or 4 times at night, or even more.

5. It’s hotter than before and sweat more

Many women who were afraid of cold were found that they were not afraid of cold at all after pregnancy, but they were more afraid of heat than ordinary people. Although they were thinner, they would still sweat.In summer, the air -conditioning is always very low, while the prospective father frozen to cover the quilt.

6. Wow, you will find a lot of children

After pregnancy, you will also find more children.Walking on the road, seeing the child, whether you are holding in his arms or sitting in the stroller, you will see a few more glances, guess how big the baby is, and then imagine that when the baby in the belly is so big, he will be so big, he will be so big, he will be so big.what does it look like?

7. Wow, you will find a lot of pregnant mothers

It should be the reason for the opening of the second child. There are many, many pregnant mothers on the bus and the hospital.Especially in the hospital, I think "wow, so many pregnant mothers", the big belly, small, general, are all.

Also, I slowly found that in the circle of friends, many students quietly gave birth to their babies, and the videos of the circle of friends who sent them will also click on it; many idols I pay attention to have pregnant babies, and they feel good.

8. "Don’t be afraid" to draw blood

I was afraid of the trembling young lady when I saw the needle. Since I was pregnant, I checked in the hospital and often took blood. I often practiced the will of steel.Each birth checkups have to draw blood, either "booking machine" tie your fingers, or it is the vein blood, the most terrifying time, and the four tubes of blood were pumped.

9. It will be "reprimand", it’s embarrassing

Because I do n’t know about the hospital’s process, when I first performed a fetal heart monitoring, I took a job call. I did n’t hear what the hospital staff said, and it was embarrassing.So I sincerely told my younger sister that this is the first time I have done this inspection. I don’t know what to do.

In fact, they are not really "reprimand", but because they are too busy, they will speak fast, and they will understand more.

10. Feel the fetal movement during pregnancy and feel very amazing

The first time I felt the fetal movement, I felt my life magic, so surprised, I was so happy that I was crying!The fetal movement mother’s door really feels a small life with a lively stomach, what kind of surprise and expectation!

In the third trimester, you must count the fetal movement seriously every day, feel every movement of the baby, look forward to the healthy growth of the baby, and look forward to meeting the baby!

11. The inspection is divided into an empty stomach and no empty stomach

During the check -up, pay attention to the requirements of a good doctor. A certain examination requires an empty stomach. At which stage of a certain inspection, it should be paid attention to what to pay attention to.

Now it is empty stomach when it is built. When drinking sugar water to detect sugar, the doctor needs to check if I have anemia. It is really detailed.

12. If you want to check the checkup, please go to the hospital earlier that day

Whether it is weekly or weekend, go to the hospital for a production examination, it is best to go early.I did n’t go to the hospital very early on the weekend, and then I checked in the B -ultrasound. I waited for a long time, but fortunately, I finished the inspection in the morning.

Since then, I have known that I went to the hospital early, and the speed was registered. Find the doctor to open the list. The speed was paid, the speed was checked, and the result was over.

After going to the hospital earlier, after the examination, I showed the results to the doctor. Sometimes I need to do other examinations. Reserve more time for myself to not be able to panic.Of course, some hospitals have a more accurate appointment time.

13. This summer is particularly "province" clothes

Hahaha, this is true. When you buy too much clothes during pregnancy, you are a waste of clothes. In summer, you are basically pregnant women’s skirts. You will also wear your husband ’s big short sleeves, and your previous loose cotton and linen clothes.

14. The baby’s things are so expensive

In the past, shopping was to buy clothes for myself. During pregnancy, shopping eyes were attracted by the baby’s clothes. Then I found that the baby’s things are expensive. It is not necessary to buy TA very expensive.of.

There are different codes of diapers, as well as milk powder, as well as dry paper towels and wet paper towels, as well as milk bottles, small clothes, bags and the like.

If you can, make more money, so you can buy better items for your baby.

15. I often talk to myself

It is the kind of involuntary, and you will mutter a few words by yourself, especially in the late pregnancy, and feel the obvious fetal movement. When you are in the bathroom, you will hold your stomach and speak to your baby.

That is to say, some baby, when will you come out?Or, baby, you move.EssenceEssence

16. Shampoo, conditioner and bath milk for pregnant women

Pregnant women have special skin care products and washing products, which are said to have less stimuli.

17. Brushing your teeth will bleed gums

In fact, I did n’t brush my teeth very hard, but my teeth often bleed their gums, and I was surprised.

PS: The first three months and the next three months of pregnancy cannot be extracted.

18. The taste becomes lighter, so I can’t eat spicy food anymore

After many pregnant women are pregnant, they find that the taste has changed.There may be no spicy before, now I feel spicy when I eat some spicy, maybe because of the fading of the taste.Many foods I like before are now either dislike or not.

19. The legs and feet will be swollen and cramps

In the middle of the night, I was cramping, and I instantly thought of the junior high school. At that time, the feet were painful to wake up. Later, I knew that it was a long -term body and needed calcium.

I went to see the doctor now, and the doctor also said that calcium is required.And now I don’t cry as stupid as before. Now I know: If the feet are cramps, then the back of the feet is stretched straight and pulled up.

The main thing is to supplement calcium, drink pure milk and eat calcium tablets, etc., but also cover your legs and feet when you sleep. If you get cold, it is also easy to cramp.

20. Stretch marks are really horrible

I believe that some pregnant mothers are very lucky and have no stretch marks, but if stretch marks grow, it is really scary.

When I was small before, I was secretly ecstatic. Is I not chair?But the good times didn’t last long. Later, the appetite became better, and I ate more. The stomach grew a lot, and the stretch marks came out …

The long stretch marks, this depends on the physical fitness of the pregnant mother, and it is to pay attention to controlling the weight, balancing growing up, and don’t grow too much at once.The more you pay attention to the later pregnancy, the more you should pay attention to, because the belly will become bigger and bigger, and you need to wipe more if you rub it.

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