What gifts do you send pregnant women on the Women’s Day

2015-02-27 05:14:00 Author: Li Xiaoyu

After the New Year, it is the most suitable gift for pregnant women to give it to pregnant women?For people with pregnant women, gifts are not so casual.Send a gift for pregnant women, what are suitable for sending and which are not suitable for sending. Do you really understand? Let’s study this problem today.

Skin care products for pregnant women

Love beauty is a woman’s nature. Many merchants have developed a specially developed skin care product of pregnant women, which will not hurt the fetus. At the same time, they can nourish the skin of the pregnant mother.Ugly skin will be short of water, and skin care products for pregnant women are used throughout pregnancy, and there is no difference between early and third trimester of pregnancy. Therefore, it is not appropriate to send special skin care products for pregnant women in the New Year.

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Children’s car

For female friends who are still pregnant, the stroller is a necessity for children after birth. If you really do n’t know what to send to each other, and you are afraid of being too vulgar and faceless, then the children’s car is the most suitable. There are many types of children’s cars., Pick your favorite style to the other party. When the child is born, you will think of you every time you use a stroller. Is it very warm?

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Ms. UGG Black Sheepskin Flat Flat Shoes

The first choice in winter!Jingdong self -employed!UGG is wool inside the shoe, and the tannant is extremely soft sheepskin. It is very good for flat comfort, especially suitable for pregnant mothers. The warm wool inside is wrapped in feet.Model, but UGG has quickly occupied the international market with the advantages of fur. The price of JD.com is now 699 yuan, which is nearly half cheaper than UGG’s official website, which is very cost -effective.The New Year’s gift or wear it by yourself is not suitable.

UGG fur all -round shoes

Infant supplies

The pacifier bottle and diapers are all necessary supplies for children after birth. Maybe you are afraid of choosing the wrong size of the diapers.Does pregnant mothers need it after giving birth?It is best to choose a brand reliable, such as Pigeon, big brands, guaranteed quality, and gifts.

Pigeon wide -caliber PP bottle

To give pregnant women gifts, it is best to avoid sending health products. Although pregnant women need to supplement health products such as calcium, we are not a doctor after all.Product, then the good result that will not be lost in the end, it is better to send the necessities, such as children’s toilet and children’s toys. In short, gifts should be safe.

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