What factors are affected by the life of Dutch pigs?

The life of Dutch pigs is 5-7 years, but most of the Dutch pigs can’t live so long.

There are too many reasons that affect the life of Dutch pigs. Introduce it here in detail.

1. Lack of enough breastfeeding

The small Dutch pig can start eating a few hours after birth,

Generally, you can eat all the food in two or three days.

So many adulterers in order to save costs,

Take out the little Dutch pigs that have just been born a few days later.

This can also make the mother Dutch pig get pregnant as soon as possible.

Let’s continue breeding the next child.

Lack of sufficient breast milk, especially the first breast milk a few days ago,

It will make the early immunity caused by the lack of the mother of the small Dutch pig.

The illness and mortality of the small Dutch pig,

It will be relatively high.

2. Unscientific feeding

The death of most Dutch pigs has something to do with diet,

Unscientific feeding, things that should not be eaten or malnutrition.

The diet of Dutch pig science is like this,

Unlimited pasture+professional Dutch pig food+a small amount of vegetables and fruits+clean water.

Only feed the leaves and leaves for Dutch pigs, drink unclean water, etc.

They are the main causes of death of Dutch pig diet.

3. The harsh breeding environment

The harsh breeding environment is also one of the main causes of Dutch pig death.

It should be second only to diet.

The slight environment here includes many aspects,

Such as a small cage, the temperature of the limit, long -term cleaning and so on.

4. Nenes

I originally wanted to put this one last,

However, counting the case of Dutch pig death in the group before, and found that this factor was really a lot.

For example, the pigs entrust their friends to take care of them. Friends use pig food as padding and wood grains as pig food.

Of course, fortunately, his house was still fed, and the pigs came back by the owner by the pastoral grass.

It’s better to watch the water drinking heater with water, thinking that you don’t need to add water,

As a result, the water heater was unable to drink the water, causing the Dutch pig to be thirsty (winter is okay, the hot weather in summer is very dangerous).

And the wires are close to the cage,

Dutch pigs broke the insulating layer and caused electricity to death.

And I didn’t find that the Dutch pig’s teeth could not eat too long in time.

As a result, Dutch pigs were starved alive.

5. Fall at a high place

Generally speaking in the cage,

Dutch pigs rarely hurt.

Most of the injuries happened when they caught the Dutch pig out.

The height of the adult’s upright state fell down,

The chance of falling in Dutch pigs is very high, and it will even fall to death.

6. Various diseases

This includes various infectious diseases,

There are also parasites, organ problems, and so on.

I will not introduce it here,

This reason is the most common.

7. Excessive nutrition

This is the most common problem for pet Dutch pigs.

The Dutch pigs raised by pets are definitely not short of food.

Many masters are delicious for Dutch pigs.

This leads to some problems in Dutch pig nutrient intake.

The most common is excessive obesity,

Dutch pigs have three high problems, and they have great harm to limbs.

There is too much sweets, mainly sugar snacks and fruits,

As a result, Dutch pig’s diabetes, the incidence of diabetes in Dutch pigs is lower than hamsters, but it is also very high.

The above is the factors that summarize the influence of the Dutch pig life.

Many factors are actually likely to crisis the life of Dutch pigs, so they still need to pay attention to it.

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