What does eating durians in 3 a week after a week’s durian menstruation have an impact on women?

There is a kind of fruit, some people love it, and some people retreat to the three house -it is the durian that is known as the "king of fruits".

Every April is a large number of durian listing nodes, and in May, it is the domestic sales season.This year’s durian is particularly "fragrant". Among them, the Thai golden pillow durian has become a "traffic explosion". Even if the price is rising, the sales volume is still considerable, and even some shops are sold out of stock.

Some time ago, some net celebrities brought goods in Thai durians in the live broadcast room. According to official data, a live broadcast was "sold for 1.62 million pieces."

① Eating 3 aunts of Durian for a week for half a month in advance. Is durian related to menstruation?

Durian even rushed to the hot search topic.One of the topics is "Auntie Aunt Durian is early", netizen@其 乐 posted on Weibo, saying that a person ate 3 durians within a week. The aunt was half a month earlier.They are delayed for a week, and basically only the delay has never come early.She also reminded everyone: "It’s really supplemented … I still have to restrain durian."

Is it really related to eating durian in advance?

Deputy Director of the Gynecology Hospital of Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital said that there may be a certain relationship between the two.

Durian is mostly produced in Southeast Asia, which is a thermal fruit. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the sexual taste is Xin, Gan, thermal, and entered the liver, kidney, lungs.Efficacy.

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records that "durian can be used for medicinal, sweet and warm, non -toxic, and treats violent storms and cold air."Therefore, some dysmenorrhea, less menstruation, less menstruation, and late menstrual period can eat some durians for nourishing.Modern medicine believes that durian meat contains extremely high sugar, protein, starch, starch, fat, vitamin A, B, C, calcium, etc., which can improve human immunity.

However, the more you eat durian, the better. Ma Jing reminded that the nature of durian is warm. If you eat too much, it will also cause bloody menstrual disorders.It shows that the menstrual cycle is advanced, the amount of menstruation is increased, the heart is annoying, and it is easy to thirst.Dry stool.The urination is short.

② Who is not suitable for eating more durian?How much is the right amount to eat?

As the saying goes, "One durian and three chickens", durian sugar is high in high calories. It is easy to get fat when eating too much. Patients with obesity and diabetes do not recommend too much consumption.To eat less, ordinary people should also eat in moderation to avoid getting angry.

"But in the outpatient clinic, eating so many durians at once, so few patients with early menstrual periods are still very small because of too much durian." Ma Jing said that the diet structure does affect physical fitness, such as long -term like to eat fried and spicy foods for a long time.For people, if your physique will be more bloody, you will have the possibility of menstruation in advance; the human body quality that especially likes to eat popsicles and sashimi slices of sashimi will be cold.EssenceMa Jing pointed out that the production of menstrual disease is closely related to sleep, diet structure, exercise, congenital factors, etc.

In particular, it is necessary to remind that children should eat a moderate amount of durian. The heat and sugar contained in durian are high. The cooked durian may also contain alcohol ingredients. Children eat too much.Essence

How much is ordinary people eating durian at a time?Ma Jing said that each person is different, but in general, do not eat more than two petals a day, and do not eat more than one a week.(Orange persimmon interaction)

Source: News Morning News

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