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Pregnant women have privileges, and they can eat whatever you want!

Eat two people during pregnancy, what the mother wants to eat is what the baby needs!

In October, on this matter, pregnant mothers really really want to eat whatever they want. The family will also try to meet the requirements of pregnant mothers. If you want to eat fruits, buy it.

But pregnant women really don’t want to eat what they can eat, and eat it without daily!

The pregnancy mother has been brushed in two days in the past two days, saying that they have no dietary diet during pregnancy, causing adults and children to be in danger.

Let’s talk about the hot search the previous two days. It happened during the Mid -Autumn Festival last week. A prospective mother, Ms. Wang in Hangzhou, because she was pregnant, she loved fresh meat moon cakes.

The family saw that she didn’t grow any weight during pregnancy. When she saw her love to eat moon cakes, she changed her way to buy moon cakes every day.

Ms. Wang can not stop as soon as she eats. Every day, moon cakes are eaten with meals. After a few days, Ms. Wang eats more and more effort. She is thirsty every day.

When she went to the hospital for examination, Ms. Wang was so high that she had high blood sugar, and she couldn’t even measure the blood glucose meter, which scared the pregnant women and her family.

The doctor said that Ms. Wang is a gestational diabetes. She is positive for urine ketone and has diabetes. She needs to be hospitalized immediately!

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Fortunately, through positive treatment, Ms. Wang’s blood sugar was controlled.

Doctor reminds that moon cakes are high -energy, high -sugar, and high -fat foods. They must not be eaten as rice, especially if there are gestational diabetes, short -term consumption of moon cakes will cause blood sugar to rise sharply, which is very dangerous to pregnant women and fetuses.Intersection

After reading the news, many netizens said:

Moon cakes are high sugar, and pregnancy itself is prone to diabetes.

Pregnant women will also have diabetes if they eat too much fruit, and they should control the number!

Pregnant women really can’t eat this way. Except for grains, no matter how delicious it is to eat, the nutritional balance is the most important, especially pregnant women!

That’s right, for pregnant women, a healthy diet is very important. Do not control the overeating!(News source:@报 ()

Two times a week, hot pot, love spicy and greasy food

33 weeks pregnant women have become acute pancreatitis, so the baby is premature!

For pregnant mothers, any unhealthy food cannot be eaten excessive!

The high -sugar moon cake is, as well as high -oil food!

Don’t think that pregnant women want to be satisfied with everything, everything is needed for the baby, the baby’s development does not require high sugar, high -fat food!

The pregnant mother also brushed a news two days ago. A pregnant woman who was pregnant in Xi’an, Ms. Chen (pseudonym), has experienced a "ghost gate" because of her unhealthy diet.

Ms. Chen was obese before pregnancy. She was 1.55 meters height and weighed 140 pounds. When she gave birth to a child, the doctor found that she was chyloma blood, also known as milk blood, indicating that the blood contained high fat.

News source:@新闻 网

Because everything went smoothly when there was a child, Ms. Wang did not care about her physical condition, and did not pay attention to her diet. She loved hot pot, and she had to eat hot pot twice a week. The daily diet was also very heavy.Love spicy and greasy taste.

After more than 8 months of pregnancy, the family was afraid to control the family. The pregnant woman was the largest.

As a result, Ms. Chen directly ate herself into acute severe mastitis. The doctor said: Acute pancreatitis is terrible!

In order to ensure the safety of maternal and infants, the doctor urgently gave Ms. Chen a caesarean section. During the operation, the doctor saw that Ms. Chen had a large amount of ccutsuction ascites in the abdominal cavity, about 200 ml of blood.The characteristics of acute pancreatitis caused by fat diet!

In the end, the baby was born for more than a month, 4 pounds and more than 4 pounds, and the lungs were infected, but after treatment, the mother and child were safe!

Doctors said: Normal people have better metabolism, and because of abnormal hormones, pregnant women eat these high -oil and high -fat diets prone to hyperlipidemia, inducing acute pancreatitis, and must eat scientifically during pregnancy.

Reminder of knocking on the blackboard: Pregnant women really don’t really want to eat anything. Any food must be controlled, which will really make themselves and the baby be in danger. There are too many such examples.

"Because of eating high sugar fruits for a long time, a 29 -year -old pregnant woman suffers 39 weeks and lost her child!"

"Stewed chicken stewed fish during pregnancy has not broken, and her postpartum blood lipids are soaring in danger!"

A second -child pregnant mother in Chengdu produced a huge 10.2 catties of caesarean section. It was normal. I did not expect that the postpartum blood lipids were extremely high, and my myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction may be at any time!

The culprit leading to all this is also very good. During the whole pregnancy, she did not break the pork ribs, chicken, and stewed fish, and the weight increased by more than 50 pounds!

A healthy diet is not only responsible for yourself, but also responsible for your baby. On the contrary, it is really harmful!

Healthy diet during pregnancy

It is the first life gift for the mother to give the baby!

From the moment I know pregnancy, expectant mothers have to make some adjustments in diet.

Don’t eat it if you can’t eat it!

Eat it in appropriate amount!

Pregnancy does not mean that you can let go and eat a balanced diet, which is responsible for yourself and your baby!

Every mother knows that the healthy nutrition that mothers eat can benefit the baby for life.

When the mother’s belly, the healthy diet of the mother can allow the baby to have a standard birth weight, harvest a better brain, and reduce the probability of birth defects.

A balanced and healthy diet can also reduce the risk of anemia for pregnant mothers, as well as other uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy, such as fatigue and morning vomiting.

The most important thing is that the healthy dietary habits of mothers during pregnancy can allow babies to have a better appetite and eating habits in the early childhood. A good eating habit can benefit the baby for life.

Therefore, at the moment of knowing pregnancy, pregnant mothers must adhere to a healthy diet during pregnancy.

If you can’t eat it because of pregnancy, you must also find a healthy food to replace, and you must never have an abnormal overeating.

Just like Ms. Wang, the pregnant mother of Hangzhou mentioned above, because the moon cake was eaten as a meal, the blood glucose soared.

Many mothers do not understand the real calories and sugar of moon cakes. Doctors introduce: an ordinary -size moon cake calories are about 500 kcal, especially fresh meat moon cakes, which are full of fat!One of the same heat of four bowls of rice is the top of the "moon cake industry"!

(Picture source:@报 Evening News)

If you are a mother with gestational diabetes, you must eat more!

The Mid -Autumn Festival has passed. I believe that there are moon cake inventories in many families. If pregnant mothers have to eat, they must control the amount. It is best to eat one piece in the morning and morning!

The first step of healthy diet during pregnancy is: moderate and controlling!

Three misunderstandings of diet during pregnancy

Don’t step on one!

In addition to high -sugar and high -calorie moon cakes, they cannot be eaten in large amount, and some foods cannot be eaten excessive!

1. Do not eat high -oil and high -fat nutritional meals without restraint

Pregnant mothers really don’t need to make up soup!No need to eat double portions!

Excessive tonic will only increase the risk of stones and acute pancreatitis.

A mother in Fujian, because of the various replenishments of delicious and delicious food every day during pregnancy, did not exercise. As a result, I ate acute severe pancreatic pancreatitis. This was a disease that would die!

Many pregnant mothers’ families still think that big fish and meat are nutritious meals!Eating more is nutritious meals!

In fact, the real nutritional meal is diverse diet!

High -calorie, high -fat, and high cholesterol "nutrition meals" will only increase the risk of physical disease!

2. Fruits cannot be eaten excessive amount

That’s right, the fruits are so healthy, and they can’t eat without control.

Too many mothers eat fruits during pregnancy, and they are eaten into gestational diabetes.

A friend of pregnancy is a friend who loves cherries during pregnancy and eats a few pounds a day. As a result, gestational diabetes was detected in 35 weeks. Studies found that the risk of gestational diabetes (GD) who consumed a lot of fruits during pregnancy increased400 %.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must eat fruit, and they must be appropriate. Remember 6 safety principles:

① For mothers with normal blood sugar, it is recommended to eat 200-400g of fruits every day.

② In the case of good blood glucose control (in the morning, the blood sugar value of the empty stomach is 3.3-5.3 mmol/L, and the blood glucose value of 2 hours after meal is 4.4-6.7 mmol/L).(A apple is about 200g).

③ If the blood glucose is not controlled well, do not eat fruit for the time being, replace it with tomatoes or cucumbers.

④ Eating fruits is divided into small letters throughout the day. It is best to choose two meals (2 hours after meals). Do not eat before going to bed, because night sugar is difficult to metabolize.

⑤ Do not eat fruit in large amounts. Once you eat it, even if it is a fruit with a low amount of sugar, it will control blood sugar.

⑥ Sugar mothers should eat fruits with low sugar, high moisture, and low GI (blood sugar generation index).

Priority: peach, lemon, Lee, pear, apple, grapefruit, orange, orange.

It is not recommended to eat: jujube, sugar cane, lychee, longan, tire, durian, etc.

3. Don’t be too partially eaten

Some mothers prefer sour, some mothers prefer spicy, and some mothers prefer sweet, but no matter which, pregnant mothers must find a balance point to avoid partial eclipse.

① Mother who love spicy food -try vegetable curry, chicken rolls or spicy sauce, they will not lead to weight gain, but they must not be too much.

If you really want to eat spicy food, pregnant mothers can use a cup of milk to reduce stomach burning to the greatest extent. Honey can also help prevent the stomach burning after spicy dishes.

② Mom who loves sweets -try fruit and eggs, and want to eat ice cream, try frozen fruit salad, and try chocolate, try dark chocolate.

③ Love to eat salty food -Try food with low salt content, a judgment criterion, if you can see salt with the naked eye, it is too salty. Such snacks should be avoided.

④ foods that love sour -try lemon and fruit salad, try lemon, or try lemon ice cream. Citrus fruit salad can also satisfy the desire.

⑤ Control not only the desire to eat -try hot drinks or cold drinks, they will move the brain’s attention, and Ice is the most helpful.

Remember, as long as you eat an appropriate amount of food, you will not affect your pregnancy. If you are very eager to a certain food, there will be no big problems if you indulge once!

Various diet, balanced and healthy

Is the responsibility to yourself and your baby!

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should avoid misunderstandings and eat healthy.

A moderate amount, balanced, and diverse diet is the healthiest diet during pregnancy. Daily diet should include these five types of foods: fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and dairy products.

① Eating fruits and vegetables

Pregnant women should eat more fruits and vegetables, especially in the middle and late pregnancy.

But eating more can not be overeating. Eat five to ten tennis -sized fruits and fruits every day. The colorful vegetables and fruits are low in calories and are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

② Eat lean protein

Pregnant women should take good protein in each meal to support the growth of babies.

Foods rich in protein include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, tofu, cheese, milk, nuts and seeds.

③ Eat all -valley category

These foods are an important source of energy in diet, and they also provide fiber, iron and B vitamins.

At least half of the carbohydrates of pregnant women should come from all -valley foods, such as oats, whole wheat pasta or bread and brown rice.

④ dairy products

Pregnant mothers should 3 to 4 dairy products a day.Dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese are good food sources of calcium, protein and vitamin D.

When you know what food you should eat, you must also allocate the amount of food. Eating well does not mean that you want to eat sea and drink.

In terms of the number of diet, you can eat less meals during pregnancy, and don’t hungry yourself, but you don’t need to eat "two people".

The dietary principles during pregnancy are:

1. Eat a variety of foods, don’t eat partially.

2. Eat it every day: cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat/fish/eggs (one), milk, which is the 5 major categories we mentioned above.

3. Reduce foods with high calories and low nutrition, such as soda, drinks, ice cream, biscuits, sausages, etc.

There is no more amount of diet during pregnancy than the usual diet.

In the early pregnancy, there is less calories you need, and you can eat one more whole wheat bread every day.You can also replace whole wheat bread into a cup of low -fat milk.

A little more in the middle and late pregnancy, but the amount of meat is not large.

The amount of food per meal is —————

● Eat half of fruits and vegetables.

● A quarter of food is all grains.

● A quarter of food is lean protein.

● At the same time, you need to eat dairy products.

Give mothers a recipe reference ————————

● Grain: a bowl of rice or noodles, or 2 pieces of bread

● Vegetable: half bowl

● Fruit: 1 orange/apple/pear, or granular fruit half a cup (120ml)

● Meat/fish/egg: 2 two meats, or 1 egg

Eat less meals during pregnancy, but the total amount of a day does not exceed 3 times the amount per meal above.

I wish you a good mother’s pregnancy!

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