What do you include the three -month birth inspection items in pregnancy?

There are many matters that need to be noticed during pregnancy. It is necessary to understand common sense of pregnancy. Clarify what diseases are prone to suffering during pregnancy and actively prevent targeted prevention to reduce the occurrence of diseases during pregnancy. In order to ensure the body’s bodyFor physical, it is recommended that female friends must pay attention to the health during pregnancy. In order to facilitate better prevention of illness during pregnancy, everyone may wish to understand the inspection items that should be done during pregnancy.

1. Test weight. This is a project that you need to check for each pregnancy test. You can determine the growth of the baby in the abdomen through the examination of the weight of the pregnant woman. Generally speakingThe weight will increase by 12.5 kg. Of course, the situation of each person may be different. The above is only the reference value.

2. Tailor high, you only need to measure once throughout the pregnancy. The doctor will determine that you are overweight or super light, and the size of the pelvis according to your weight and height ratio.

3. Quality blood pressure, this is a must -check item for each pregnancy test. Phantalia can be found in time through quantity blood pressure. This disease will affect the development of the fetus.

4. Ask the history of the medical, ask what kind of diseases of expectant mothers and family members have, whether they are exposed to harmful substances within half a year, etc., menstrual history, marriage history, etc.

5. Listening to the fetal heart sound, you can hear the fetal heart sound at 12-13 weeks of pregnancy, and the fetal heart sound indicates that the fetus in the abdomen is alive.

6. Measure the palace high and abdomen circumference. Each pregnancy examination needs to be tested. You can draw the pregnancy development curve according to the palace high, understand the development of the fetus in the abdomen, and timely find that the development of development is slow and huge.

7. Routine blood test, check blood pigment, and judge whether expectant mothers are anemia.Check the blood type to prevent neonatal hemolysis. If the husband is type A, B, or AB blood, pregnant women are type O blood, and the babies born may have ABO blood types.

8. Urine routine examination, check whether there are proteins and sugar in the urine, and determine that there are no diseases such as pregnancy and hypertension in pregnant women.

9. Liver and kidney function test. This test is to determine that pregnant mothers do not have hepatitis and nephritis, because the burden on the liver and kidney of pregnant women during pregnancy will increase."" ".

10. Test the AIDS antibody examination, test whether the pregnant mother is infected with AIDS, and avoids the mother from transmitting AIDS to the baby.

11. Terring tire protein: Screening neurological diseases, such as: brain -free and spinal bales.Normal value: <20.

12. Check six hepatitis B: Determine whether pregnant mothers are infected with hepatitis B virus.If infected, it should be treated in time to avoid transmitting to the baby.

13. Check the examination of hepatitis C virus: Clarify whether the expectant mothers are infected with hepatitis C virus. Hepatitis C can be transmitted through maternal and infants.

14. Check the virus infection: If the expectant mother is infected with the virus 4 months before pregnancy, the fetus may be congenital malformation or even abortion.

15. ECG: Exclude heart disease to confirm whether the expectant mothers can bear childbirth. If an electrocardiogram is abnormal, it can further check the ultrasound.

The above introduces what the three -month pregnancy test items are included, developing good habits, and timely physical examination, so as to truly effectively and effectively the probability of illness during pregnancy.

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