What do you check for 5 B -ultrasound during pregnancy?Specific mothers don’t care about it

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The expectant mothers who are pregnant for the first time will definitely have a question: How many B -ultrasounds are the most suitable for B -ultrasound?

The number of times is small, there is no bottom in my heart, and I am afraid that some problems will not be noticed; there are many times, it is not very good for the baby in the stomach, and it is also a matter of time to check. It is not easy for pregnant women.The problem of pregnancy tests will also cause anxiety about the psychology of pregnant women, leading to poor emotional stability.

I always listen to the elders and say, "How can there be so much particular attention in the past, normally eat and work normally, your children’s children are not healthy now?" But now the living standard is getting higher and higher, during pregnancy, during pregnancy,The inspection naturally keeps pace with the times.

Xiaorou is a novice pregnant mother in such anxiety. As soon as she confirmed that she was pregnant, she began to discuss the inspection with her family.My husband believes that there is no problem to go to the B -ultrasound a few more times more, and it is also at ease.

But Xiaorou’s mother -in -law felt a lot of expenses, always told Xiaorou and her husband that Xiaorou was usually healthy and lively, and there would be no big problems after pregnancy.So many influence on your baby grandson will affect his baby grandson.

The family’s opinions were different, and they finally asked the doctor.It is learned from the doctor that when the little baby exists to childbirth, the whole pregnancy is the most suitable for pregnant women to do 5 supermarkets.

Of course, the premise is that the physical fitness of the pregnant mother is normal and there is no other complications.If you accompany other symptoms, the number of B ultrasound is also different. It depends on the results of the examination and obey the doctor’s advice.

1. The first B ultrasound

The best time for the first B -ultrasound is the 7th to 8th weeks of menopause. This time period mainly detects whether there are ectopic pregnancy, intrauterine pregnancy, and gestational sac.

The twin situation also needs to detect the choric membrane and eliminate whether the pregnant woman has diseases such as uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts to confirm whether the fetus can survive healthy to follow subsequent treatment.

2. Second B -ultrasound

This time it is best to get stuck in the menopause of 11 to 13+6 weeks. At this time, the fetal head and hip high will develop to 4.5 ~ 8.4cm.The focus of the B -ultrasound is the thickness of the transparent layer of the rear neck and the production of nasal bones.

The thickness of the transparent layer is crucial. If it is thick, it will increase the risk of chromosomal abnormalities, and then go to the sieve.

In this case, doctors usually recommend pregnant women to do chromosome nucleus types, and at the same time, they are closely observed to eliminate the possibility of deformity.

3. The third B ultrasound

This is best to arrange for 22 to 26 weeks of menopause. The focus is on deformed, testing whether the fetus grows abnormal, and there is physical defects.

For example, rabbit lips (lip fissure), short limbs, no brain, digestive tract atresia, spine bales, etc.At this moment, the inspection items faced by pregnant mothers are also dazzling, including "three -dimensional B -ultrasound" and "four -dimensional B ultrasound".

Naturally, these inspection names are not the focus. The point is to find reliable, professional and regular hospitals to detect, because deformed is a very important step. It is best to avoid misdiagnosis. Otherwise, it may bring a lot to the entire family.problem.

4. The fourth B ultrasound

During the 36 ~ 32 weeks of menopause, this test was mainly missing in the previous test. It is mainly based on the growth of fetal growth, placenta, amniotic fluid, and umbilical artery blood.Whether the distress is possible.

5. Fifth B ultrasound

During the 36 ~ 40 weeks of menopause, the position of the fetus will be detected, that is, the size of the fetus, the size of the fetus, the matureness of the placenta, the amount of amplarion, and the blood of the umbilical artery, and the probation of the fetus is also calculated.The best way.

These 5 B -ultrasound have their own purpose. Even if they feel good, expectant mothers should not be absent ~ It is necessary to understand these important pregnancy examinations, so that they can be pregnant with peace of mind and giving birth.

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