What do I want to eat folic acid after pregnancy?

Why do women get pregnant? Folic acid is supplemented? Female friends are preparing to get pregnant. Doctors will recommend supplementing folic acid to supplement folic acid. It is important to supplement folic acid.Many female friends are prone to ignore this link, and women who prepare for pregnancy should learn more.If pregnant women lack folic acid, they may affect the healthy development of the fetus and lead to abnormal fetal development.Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to.

Folic acid is actually a vitamin. Compared with ordinary people, pregnant mothers need to supplement folic acid.This is because in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetal organs began to develop differentiation, cell growth, division, and placental formation.If you lack folic acid during this period, it is easy to cause fetal development defects and increase the incidence of natural abortion.

Folic acid needs to be supplemented in the early stages of pregnancy. This is because in the middle of pregnancy and the nutrition required for fetal development in the second trimester, the blood capacity of the pregnant mothers and the development of breast placenta in the pregnant mothers need a large amount of folic acid.There are many pregnant mothers in life that have gallopia hypertension syndrome and red blood cell anemia. These are caused by the lack of folic acid in pregnant women.These situations may lead to slow development of the fetus in the abdomen, increase the probability of premature birth, and the light weight of the newborn will even affect the baby’s future growth.

Why should I add folic acid during pregnancy?

Why do pregnant women supplement folic acid? It is simple to prevent fetal malformations and make the baby smarter and healthier in the future.Do you want to have a healthy and smart baby? Think, then make up for it!

In fact, pregnant mothers supplement folic acid did not start after pregnancy. Generally, pregnant mothers must start supplementing folic acid during pregnancy.Three months before pregnancy began to prepare for pregnancy, be good health, and pay attention to supplement folic acid to welcome the baby’s arrival.The first three months of fetal development is a critical period. If the fetus does not get folic acid, it can easily lead to unhealthy fetal brain and spinal cord development.Therefore, for the sake of the baby’s health, expectant mothers have been supplemented from before pregnancy.Eat folic acid at least one month before pregnancy.

Knowing the time to supplement folic acid, how much do I have to eat every day?

Female friends who are not planning to get pregnant also recommend replenishing 400 micrograms of folic acid per day. Pregnant women who prepare for pregnancy and pregnancy recommend that the amount of folic acid supplemented by daily supplement is not less than 600 micrograms.The third -4 week of pregnancy is the development of the fetal nervous system. This incident is very critical. Insufficient replenishment may lead to abnormal development of fetal nerve tube development.The probability of rabbit lips and cleft palate in the 7th week to 8 weeks of folic acid will increase.

Xiaobian reminds that pregnant mothers need to know the importance of supplementing folic acid, but they must not be supplemented too much. This is not conducive to fetal health, and at the same time, it also has an impact on the health of pregnant mothers themselves.The amount of folic acid during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can listen to the doctor’s guidance.

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