What changes will the body change when my mother is pregnant?

Open the news and found that Paipi sauce announced that he was pregnant: Congratulations to a child who likes to mention a fairy mother, and friends commented, the fairy mother, the birth will definitely be a fairy baby.

This is indeed the case. Our pregnant women have a good personality, have a good relationship with the prospective dad, and have a good mood during pregnancy, so the child’s mood is generally more stable.

When Jingma went out to lecture, I saw a variety of baby babies. In addition to different appearances, these little baby’s expressions were also very different. Some of them cried when they couldn’t move.In short, when you look at the expression of the little baby, you can find life.

And in the expressions of these little babies, children who love to laugh are the most likely to get the love of others, and the mother of Jing will also understand the state of the baby who loves laughing when her mother is pregnant. Most mothers say that they are better when they are pregnant.Care, your mood is also better.

Therefore, the mood of the mother when she is pregnant will also affect the small fetus, and even the child’s mood after birth.And some mothers are in a bad mood when they are pregnant. In addition to not getting good care, it is because we are pregnant is a process of suffering.

After pregnancy, our bodies have a child, and the body will have a systematic change that we can see. Most of the changes will make the mother feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. This is also the greatness of the mother.

First suffering: the suffering of pregnancy vomiting

This bitterness is probably more than half of the mother, and some lucky mothers will not want to vomit, but they will feel that they can’t eat.Jing Ma didn’t feel like vomiting at that time, but she just felt uncomfortable when she smelled the smell of oil.

Therefore, there are not many nutrition for babies in the early pregnancy. Moms can eat some things they want to eat. You can try to eat some apples, whole wheat bread, soda cakes, and drinking milk.Pay attention to replenish folic acid.

Second suffering: suffering from waking up

This is also the cleverness of the fetus. Some mothers even found that they were tired and sleepy without knowing that they were pregnant. They wanted to sleep. That was because the fetus was not too stable in the early stage, so let the mother rest more, more, more, moreSleeping makes the fetus stronger.

In the early pregnancy, mothers reduce their workload as much as possible, reduce their burdens, and take more rest. I enter the place before 10 o’clock and sleep until 9 hours at night.

Third suffering: all kinds of worries

Early worried that the fetus would have a miscarriage, the fetus stopped, the delivery inspection was abnormal, the weight growth was too fast, the feeding could not be given birth, and there was no breast milk after delivery.

In short, since this fairy baby’s upper body, the mother has began to have a sweet burden.

Fourth bitterness: frequent urination

In the early stages of pregnancy and late pregnancy, there was a significant frequent urination. When the early uterus began to increase, the stomach did not protrude. It would only be pressed down.Increased more than the pelvic cavity, but the pressure on the bladder became less, so frequent urination in the middle period will improve, but it is too late, especially after the fetus is pelvis.

Just when I sleep at night, I want to go to the toilet for a few minutes when I sleep at night.

Fifth bitterness: the suffering of the inconvenience of walking

Mom Jing remembers that she was no problem on the eighth floor before pregnancy. After pregnancy, I had to rest twice on the fourth floor after pregnancy, mainly because our physical circulation system was not only served for mothers, but also served the fetus.The buildings will feel panting.

And the stomach is large in the late pregnancy. When you take the ball, you will take a few steps to rest. Otherwise, your stomach will harden and pseudo contractions will appear.

Seeing a hundred dollars on the ground, I couldn’t bend down, I couldn’t do it, I could only squat down slowly, and I was picked up by others.

Every day to the toilet is torture, especially the family of squatting toilet. Squatting and pressed the stomach, constipation has to squat for a long time.

Mainly because our uterus compresses the rectum, and the hormone secretion during pregnancy makes the intestine slowly move a lot more time to absorb nutrients.

It is recommended to eat more vegetables, eat more thick food, drink plenty of water, and pay attention to exercise.

1. Good mentality

This is very critical. When I am pregnant, I have no reason when I suffer, but think about a fairy baby who grows up slowly in our stomach. Moms will generate unlimited power to resist all these discomfort and discomfort.At this time, Dad has to be more considerate and understand more

2. Pay attention to stay away from all kinds of toxic and harmful things

Moms cannot smoke or drink. It is obvious that scientific evidence proves that pregnant women’s smoking and drinking effect on children are also very strong.

If your father smokes at home, you should pay attention to not smoking in front of the pregnant woman when the wife is pregnant, smokes outside, go home and change clothes to take a bath and then get closer to pregnant women.

3. Check out on time

We ca n’t see the child in the belly, and it ’s better to have a fetal movement after 4 months. At least through the fetal movement, you can understand whether the fetus is normal.

However, the health of the fetus will be passed through the doctor’s examination. Each time you go to the birth check, the doctor will listen to the fetal heart; it will also do a B -ultrasound regularly. Generally speaking, a B -ultrasound is 5 times pregnant.You can see the growth and development of the fetus and the size of the fetus, and even the growth environment of the fetus, such as the condition of amniotic fluid and placenta.

When the doctor’s examination doctor is determined, there is a scientific basis, and the pregnant woman will be regularly checked when the doctor says.

4. Balanced nutrition

I am not scientific to eat two people to eat two people to make up for this sentence.

In fact, after pregnancy, we have a balanced nutrition but do not have too much. If we eat too much fat, it is not easy to use too much fetus.

Pay attention to pregnancy and early folic acid. If there is anemia in the middle, iron is supplemented, and the intake of calcium is strengthened.Others are mainly intake through food.

It should also be noted that vegetables are more to eat than fruits. This is very important. In order to allow the fetus to get more sugar, insulin resistance will appear.Insulin has no way to regulate blood sugar and cause hyperglycemia during pregnancy.

5. Appropriate exercise

During pregnancy, doctors say that pregnant women cannot exercise (such as pre -placenta, polyphom, heart disease, etc.) to adhere to aerobic exercise during pregnancy. If they are at work, they can consider getting off two stations in advance and walking home for half an hour.

Conditional Momson recommends finding a specialized yoga teacher during pregnancy and guiding the pregnant woman yoga or walking quickly. These are good aerobic transportation.

During exercise, the amount of exercise should be appropriate. You can speak during exercise. Normal breathing indicates that our exercise volume is still okay.

It is recommended to exercise half an hour or at least 4 days a week.One hour each time.It can make our cardiopulmonary function better, and it can also make our weight better.

6. Learn pregnancy and know

Generally, the larger hospitals will carry out the mother class. The doctor will tell the mother what to pay attention to when pregnancy, what symptoms, how to control the body when giving birth, what kind of exercise can be done, and what to pay attention to when producing.Useful knowledge, mother understands in advance, helps us get pregnant and produce smoothly.

Mother Jing’s message: Pregnancy is a good experience of mother. Looking at the baby’s mood to look at pregnancy, we can better understand the sweetness and bitterness during pregnancy.

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