What changes in the body during pregnancy can cause sleep?The reason for many expectant mothers does not know

Bringing life is a magical process. During the whole pregnancy, expectant mothers will feel that they have become different. I do n’t like to eat it. I do n’t like what I like, and even sleep will become different.

Many expectant mothers rarely dream of, but now they are pregnant, but often have strange dreams.Sometimes I dream of climbing mountains, sometimes dreaming of small animals, and sometimes dreamed of danger in the baby in the stomach.

The older generation will say that some fetal dreams indicate the gender of the baby. For example

During pregnancy, Xiao Li’s sleep quality was very bad. He was dreaming almost all night. He felt very tired in the morning and was often abundant.

During the day, Xiao Li will tell her husband what kind of strange dreams she has.Husband said that when I heard the elderly at home say, dreaming during pregnancy will indicate the gender of the child.

Once, Xiao Li Meng arrived at the tiger. After waking up, her husband checked it with a mobile phone, saying that he dreamed of a tiger, which meant that he would have a girl.

Xiao Li will be suspicious. As a result, the next day, her husband got up in the morning, and also said that he dreamed of the tiger. Xiao Li couldn’t help but enjoy it.

Pregnant women dream of tigers, and her husband also dreams of tigers. It can be seen that the dream of having a baby is thoughtful and dreaming at night.

Many expectant mothers report that she sleeps very well before pregnancy and rarely dreams, but after pregnancy, she dreams every night, and often feels very tired when she wakes up in the morning.

In fact, in the process of sleep, everyone will keep dreaming. Some dreams do dreams when they sleep lightly, and they will be remembered. Some dreams are dreaming when they sleep.Essence

1. Change of physical condition

During pregnancy, hormones in the body change, which leads to the emotional instability of expectant mothers, and sleep changes.

In the third trimester, many expectant mothers will have pubic pain, frequent urination and other pregnancy discomforts. They often go to the toilet when they fall asleep, or wake themselves when they fall asleep, and they will be in a light sleeping state all night.

In this way, the prospective mother will remember the dream I have at night.

2. Thinking about the day, dreaming at night

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are most concerned about the baby in the stomach. How is it developing?There are some anxiety about the scenes of their own production, and they are in such an emotion every day.

When I rest at night, even if I enter sleep, my brain is thinking about these things,

It will cause this or that dream. For example, you will dream that you are in danger, and you will also dream that the baby in the stomach has unexpected situations.

The quality of sleep during pregnancy is related to her own health, and it is also more conducive to the growth and development of the baby. Doing the following points can improve the quality of sleeping mothers.

1. Drink as little water as possible before going to bed

During the third trimester of pregnancy, due to the increased uterus, the bladder compressed the bladder, and she was often suffering from frequent urination. She often fell asleep, but woke up to the toilet, and tossed several times a night.

Therefore, dating mothers to reduce drinking water before going to bed can avoid frequent toilets and improve sleep quality.

2. Choose the right pregnant woman pillow

In the third trimester, some expectant mothers were plagued by pubic pain. They were often awakened by just asleep.

Expectant mothers can choose a pregnant woman’s pillow under the leg to reduce the pressure of the pubic bone, reduce pain, and improve sleep quality.

3. Keep the sleep environment quiet and comfortable

The environment of expectant mothers should be quiet, do not have too much noise. Do not be too bright indoor light. You can choose the appropriate shading curtain.

At the same time, the bedding should be comfortable, not too soft, and not too hard.

【Mom Sending】

I have thoughts and dreams at night. I hope that every expectant mother can spend the whole pregnancy easily and pleasure.

【Topic today】

What impressive fetal dream do you have done during pregnancy?

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