What causes stomach pain in pregnant women?The root of the disaster may be these two, you need to be vigilant

Pregnant women need to pay close attention to their diet during pregnancy. In addition to avoiding hot and cold foods, they should also pay attention to the laws of diet.Many pregnant women have changed their dietary habits after pregnancy. They like to eat cold, sour or spicy foods. After the five flavors are mixed, the symptoms of stomach pain occur.In addition, some pregnant women are too large during pregnancy, which will cause stomach pain when the stomach is squeezed.Let ’s take a look at what should I do if I have a stomachache?

What should I do if I have stomach pain during pregnancy?

1. There are different treatment methods for different stomach pain during pregnancy.If it is the impact of the diet, you need to adjust the diet structure in time, and some foods that cause damage to the stomach cannot be eaten.Stomach pain caused by stomach cold can drink more hot water to help patients, as long as the stomach keeps warm and the pain will be reduced.

2. If it is a stomach pain caused by hunger, you need to eat in time.Because pregnant women do not need to be too restrained during pregnancy, as long as they feel hungry, they can replenish energy, meet the healthy development of the mother and the healthy development of the fetus, can eat some soft food, relieve the stomach discomfort caused by hunger, keep the stomach relaxing stateEssence

3. Pregnant women who like spicy or acidic foods if they have stomach pain, it may be caused by stimulation of food to the stomach.During this time, you need to avoid your mouth. The diet is mainly light, and eat less spicy and irritating food.At the same time, do not eat too much acidic food in an empty stomach, so as not to cause too much gastric acid secretion to cause damage to the stomach wall.

4. When symptoms of stomach pain during pregnancy, you can massage Zusanli and Guannen acupoints to effectively relieve stomach pain.If you want to solve the stomach pain, you also need to find the source of the disease. You usually pay attention to the conditioning of the stomach, and it is very important to develop a good life and eating habits.

What causes stomach pain in pregnant women?

1. Stomach pain caused by diet is very common, mainly because a large number of supplements or diets have not been restrained during pregnancy, plus lack of exercise for a long time, or reduced exercise.After eating food, gastrointestinal digestion burdens worsen, and stomach pain may occur.

2. The uterine compression of the stomach can cause stomach pain, because the gradual increased uterus will squeeze a certain squeeze on the body organs.As the pregnancy age increases, mild breath symptoms will occur, which are the causes of the uterus being oppressed.

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