What causes sow milk?What should I do if my sow milk is insufficient?

Today, a farmer said that his sows were insufficient after giving birth. What was the cause and how to solve it?In this article, we will explain it in detail for the pig raised people.

First of all, the sow is insufficient after delivery, with two main reasons.

The first is the disease factors. It is common with breastitis. This can obviously see the swelling of the breast appearance, so it is better to judge. If you treat it, you can use external application and injection: Too much pupils for postpartum treatment.There are also lack of pseudo -rabies antibodies. This is generally decreased sharply on the third day of the postpartum on the third day, and it is accompanied by a large number of piglets dying.This generally requires a full group to remove pseudo -rabies vaccine.

The second is developmental factor, mainly caused by poor development of breast systems, and sows’ nutritional insufficient nutrition.Generally, we recommend that sow mixes for sow during pregnancy: maternal animals are too guarantee+multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee, which can solve common sow problems including sow’s postpartum milk insufficient milk, sow shit tears, constipation and other common sows.

The above answers are caused by the cause of sow’s lack of milk. Then if the sows have lack of milk, it is not caused by the disease factors, and it is not time to use the mother animals too much and Multi -Wei Pacific to regulate during pregnancy. What should I do?The second question is answered below: What should I do if the sow milk is insufficient?

Under normal circumstances, a slight lack of milk can be solved by feeding sow feeding catfish soup. If the stubborn or severe milk is insufficient, you can solve it by feeding: Wang milk is too guaranteed.Traditional remedies such as feeding of catfish soup can only solve the slight deficiencies and difficult to improve the quality of sow milk, and feeding the milk can increase the milk in large quantities, which can also improve the quality of milk, supplement the various nutrition required for sow and piglets, Avoid the pigment diarrhea of the piglets, so that the piglets grow better and evenly.

The above is the answer to what is caused by what is caused by the lack of sow milk and the lack of sow milk. I hope it will be helpful to all farmers’ friends. Thank you.

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