What can my husband do after pregnancy?Memorandum of prospective dad, collection!

Memorandum of Daddy

Today, I sorted out my wife in October, and the prospective dad should do every month!Daddy’s dad should not think that pregnancy is a wife alone. He assumes responsibility with his wife. Many things during pregnancy need to be involved in the family feelings together to enhance family feelings.

01 January pregnancy

1. The 4-5 week of this holiday will accompany his wife to take a blood test (blood HUG. Progesterone) to determine whether he is pregnant and feel the joy of your baby’s arrival.

2. Prepare foods rich in folic acid, such as kiwi, spinach, etc.Remind pregnant mothers every day to supplement folic acid.

3. Cultivate regular schedules and eating habits with your wife to ensure sufficient sleep and nutrition.

4. After pregnancy, the skin of pregnant mothers will become sensitive. The problem of communicating skin care products with pregnant mothers actively avoids certain ingredients that should not be used, such as salicylic acid, ethanol, and curvic acid.

5. Prepare books with related knowledge during pregnancy and learn to communicate with your wife.

6. In the early pregnancy, the fetus is still unstable, so there must be no husband and wife life, and protecting the pregnant mother also protects the fetus.

02 pregnancy February

1. 5 weeks of pregnancy with his wife to check HCG doubles, and accompany his wife color Doppler ultrasound at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy to see if it is the internal pregnancy and fetal heart buds.

2. About 6 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will start to have a pregnancy reaction, which can prepare some foods that can relieve pregnancy, such as lemonade, virgin fruit, cherry and other foods.

3. Protect his wife to avoid harmful gases and substances that contact formaldehyde.

4. After pregnancy, the pregnant mother will become glass heart. Her husband must give his wife more concern and attention. The wife feels warm and also conducive to the development of the fetus.

5. It should not be soaked in hot springs, because the embryo during this period should not be hot, and the hot bath time should not exceed ten minutes.

6. Preparation for pregnant mothers to prepare fruits rich in vitamin C, such as strawberries, oranges, apples, etc., especially apples, you can insist on half a day.

7, housework, such as bending over, handling, do not let your wife do, take the initiative to take the housework.

03 March pregnancy

1. About 11 weeks of pregnancy, remember to arrange the time, and accompany his wife to do NT examination (small deformed examination).

2. Twelve weeks of pregnancy accompany his wife’s birth check and archive (generally need an empty stomach).Information you need to bring: medical insurance card, ID card, early pregnancy diagnosis report, quasi -student certificate (electronic version) (also for specific consultation hospitals).

3. Choose the right underwear with your wife.

4. Most pregnant mothers cannot smell the smell of oil fume in the early pregnancy, so they need her husband to work for cooking.

5. Prepare foods rich in vitamin A: hollow vegetables, beef, eggs, etc.Early pregnancy high -quality protein recipes can relieve pregnancy, such as tomato egg flower soup, tomato stewed burdock, broccoli cold mixing.

6. Foods that are not suitable for eating blood (saffron, turtles, hawthorn, crab, etc.).

7. Choose pregnancy oil with your wife, help your wife daily to prevent stretch marks.

04 April pregnancy

1. About 16 weeks of pregnancy, remember to arrange the time to accompany his wife to do a Tang family screening (no longer eat after 12 o’clock the night before, and you need to urinate without urination).

2. Prepare their wives with zinc -rich foods, such as lean meat, beef, oysters, abalone, etc.

3. Accompany his wife to the hospital to listen to the pregnancy courses and do aerobic exercise appropriately, such as walking and pregnancy yoga.

4. You can consider buying a fetal heart in order to detect the magic of life while detecting the baby’s safe.

5. Remind your wife to eat less, eat more coarse grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, control blood sugar, and avoid high sugar food.

After 6, after 18 weeks, I started to supplement calcium and remind my wife to eat before going to bed.

05 pregnancy in May

1. Two weeks of pregnancy accompany his wife’s regular production inspection.

2. Prepare their wives to have rich calcium foods, such as dairy products, shrimp skin, etc.Accompany his wife out and bask in the sun.

3. Remind my wife to insist on calcium tablets, apply pregnancy oil, and adhere to proper aerobic exercise.

4. Prepare your wife’s pillow to relieve sleep discomfort.

5. Parenting with pregnant mothers, talk, sing, and tell stories with the baby.

6. Participate with your wife several times every day.

06 June pregnancy

1. At this time, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to preventing iron deficiency, so the prospective dad can prepare some iron -rich foods for his wife, such as red meat, action liver, spinach, etc.

2. Remind my wife to drink plenty of water (1500-2000ml per day) to supplement the amniotic fluid, and you can also drink fruit juice if you do n’t like to drink water (pay attention to too much sugar, do n’t drink more), soy milk instead.

3. Remind my wife to call weight regularly, help my wife to record weight changes, and control weight with my wife.

4. In this period of time, the pregnant mother is prone to constipation. The prospective dad prepare more dietary fiber, vitamin vegetables and fruits, such as celery, broccoli, spinach, Xi Mei, dragon fruit, etc.Fruit sugar is high, it is cool, and it cannot be eaten too much.

5. Prepare a pregnant woman’s pillow for his wife to assist his wife on his left side.

6. Discuss with his wife, whether to respect his wife’s opinion is to invite Yuexun or to confinement center.

7. Pay attention to the arrangement time, accompany his wife for delivery: 24 weeks to 58 weeks of sugar tolerance check, need an empty stomach, (blood test) prepare some food in advance, and perform a four-dimensional examination at 20-24 weeks of pregnancy.

07 July pregnancy

1. Diet is biased towards DHA foods: all kinds of fish, shellfish, shrimp, and nuts. My husband remember to help his wife prepare.

2. Discuss with your wife and prepare RU head cream.

3. Persist in counting your wife to count the fetal movement every day (start 28 weeks of pregnancy. 3 times a day)

4. At this time, you can make an appointment to take a picture of a pregnant woman, accompany his wife to take a pregnancy photo, and record the unforgettable moments.(The best time to take a picture of pregnant women from July-August)

5. The weight of the third trimester is long, the body is bulky, and it is inconvenient. Try to go to the toilet with my wife (avoid accidents when bathing).

6, the belly gradually increases, the pregnant mother’s load is getting heavier, her husband can help his wife prepare the belly to relieve discomfort.

7. Arrange your time and do a 28 -week squeeze check with your wife.

08 August pregnancy

1. The hard -working husband prepares his wife to prepare foods rich in carbohydrates: rice, noodles, oats, corn, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc.

2. Use your wife to prepare for the production bag, baby supplies, moon supplies, and cleaning the sun at home in advance.

3. According to the inspection situation, we discuss the production method with my wife and respect the choice of pregnant mothers. If the cesarean section is decided, no matter what kind of production method, you need to communicate or make an appointment with the doctor in advance.

4. Help your wife pour water to soak his feet before going to bed every day.Help your wife massage your legs and feet to prevent or relieve edema.

5. Persist in counting your wife.

6. Prepare your wife’s fetal heart monitoring belt (you need to prepare yourself at home, you do not need to prepare yourself to go to the hospital, and the hospital provides.

7. At this time, it is not advisable to go out of the far door and ban the same room.

8. Examination with his wife: Starting every two weeks of medical examinations at 32 weeks, recording palace high, abdominal circumference, and fetal heart monitoring.

09 pregnancy in September

1. The month is getting bigger and bigger, and the stomach will compress the intestines.It is easy to lead to constipation. Husbands need to prepare foods rich in dietary fiber: all kinds of coarse grains, chives, leek, oil, apples, bananas, etc.Prevent or improve constipation.

2. Remind my wife not to squeeze the breasts, avoid stimulating the RU room and cause contractions.

3. Participate with pregnant mothers to study for childbirth and newborn care courses.

4. Check if you need to be equipped with the packaging and admission documents.

5. Accompany his wife to understand the hospital admission process, arrange the transportation of transportation during childbirth, and be familiar with the hospital route.

6. The fetal head is reduced into the pelvis, the frequent urination will be more obvious, and there are symptoms such as insomnia.

7. Discuss with your wife’s name.

8. Pregnant mothers should pay special attention when going up and down the stairs and bathing, pay attention to prevent slipping, not too hot in bathing water.

9. Arrange time and accompany your wife on time.

In October

1. At this time, the baby is born. Pregnant mothers can increase the intake of vitamin B1 in an appropriate amount. Her husband can prepare foods rich in vitamin B1: tomatoes, celery, spinach, eggs, lean meat, peanuts, chestnuts, soybeans, etc.

2. Remind and help your wife conduct pelvic floor muscle training.

3. Pregnant mothers in the birth of the birth of the pregnant mothers are not convenient for squatting, and actively help my wife wear (wearing socks, laces)

4. Communicate with your wife, soothe his wife, and alleviate his wife’s anxiety before giving birth.

5. Prepare your wife some foods to be delivered: chocolate, functional drinks, bread, etc. (preferably prepare, some hospitals will also provide).

6. After the pelvis, the pregnant mother will have frequent urination, swelling of the lower limbs, and pain in the combination of the pubic bone, take care of the pregnant mother, remind her that she will be sitting shortly without mentioning heavy objects.massage.

7. Prepare your wife for some breastfeeding books and read and learn with your wife.

8. Reasonably arrange work to prepare for your wife’s childbirth.

9. Arrange time, accompany his wife for delivery: 37 weeks of pregnancy.

11 after childbirth

1. Follow the emotions of Bao Ma at all times.

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