What are you best to eat when you are pregnant?Medical nutritionist: good things are eaten with a single and blessing

In the last issue, we introduced what you ca n’t eat when you are pregnant. On the contrary, in fact, many pregnant mothers are not facing “ca n’t eat”, but how much problems eat.In our early pregnancy outpatient clinics, there are endless stream of pregnant mothers to consult every day. Once, a pregnant mother came …

At first glance, the pregnant mother was usually not taken care of, and she was less than 5 months pregnant, and her weight increased by 20 pounds than before pregnancy.My mother -in -law asked me if she was not bad money: Doctor, I heard that bird’s nest is very nutritious. Should my daughter -in -law also eat bird’s nest to make up?

"Yes, if you have a lot of money, there is no place to make it."

Just a joke, of course, I will not express so directly.But according to the situation of this pregnant mother, it is really unnecessary.In fact, many pregnant women who come to consult rarely have insufficient nutrition. Instead, I have to tell them that they should control their diet appropriately.

One person eats two people to make up for it, and the big misunderstanding of the sky

When you are not pregnant, you can eat whatever you want, and eat as much as you want.But when you are pregnant, you don’t eat for yourself, thinking about the children in your stomach.As the mother -in -law said, if you are pregnant, you should eat the amount of two people?

Many pregnant mothers deliberately stipulate that they eat themselves with this idea. Some nutrients did not make up, and their weight rose.There are also severe vomiting reactions in early pregnancy. After eating and vomiting, they eat and eat, but lose a pound of weight.What if a child is born with malnutrition?Intersection

The pregnant mothers who think so, you really worry about it.Tell you a fact that although the demand for various nutrients during pregnancy will increase, but for daily energy needs, there is almost no change in early pregnancy.Even if the pregnant mother has a certain vomiting reaction, the fetus will automatically draw nutrition from the mother.

In the second and second trimester, nutrition is only slightly increased.On the contrary, if pregnant women eat too hard, the probability of complications during various pregnancy will increase, such as hypertension during pregnancy, diabetes during pregnancy;Produce.The diet of pregnant mothers should be right.

Keywords: appropriate amount

How much to eat is appropriate. Here I emphasize that pregnant mothers should look at them with ordinary hearts.Pregnant women are normal people, so there is a normal feeling of normal people. They will be hungry, full, and eat when they are hungry.

It is said that you are a nutritional expert in obstetrics. You should not take out a form full of various units and professional names: Look, this form is in detail how much protein and calories each food contains …

I think everyone may really misunderstand. Yes, we have a precise scientific recipe for pregnancy to refer to it, but that is just a standard.It is indeed scientific according to the table, but it is too practical.I used to give this table to a mother -in -law’s mother -in -law. At first glance, "Too troublesome, who do you love to do it", it doesn’t matter if you look at it.People are alive, standards are dead, and people cannot be bosses to death.

What are you best to eat when you are pregnant?

Pregnant mothers like to ask "What is the best to eat for pregnancy", or "Do you recommend it to me, what is the most nutritious."Pregnant mothers generally have this misunderstanding. Here I answered everyone: In fact, there is no one kind of single food at all.

Even if it is a good thing, it is difficult to get a balanced nutrition.Eating fruits can supplement vitamins. Many people feel that they are good for the fetus and eat every day. They eat a pound of grapes at a time and a watermelon. This is actually wrong. It is not only difficult to ensure nutritional balance.Too much weight growth will be fast.

Although doctors recommend foods with more nutrients and large demand during pregnancy.For example, milk, fish and shrimp, meat, eggs, are rich in high -quality protein and trace elements, and are easier to absorb.But if you do n’t recommend it, you do n’t eat it, which is wrong.

Keywords: balanced

Balanced is to eat everything, not to be unique, and intake of any nutrition.Eat all kinds of things to complete protein, fat, vitamins, trace elements, and dietary fiber.

Pregnant women should eat mixed, eat foods rich in high -quality protein and trace elements, such as milk, fish, shrimp, meat, eggs mentioned above.It is also necessary to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, such as cucumber, tomato, and carrots, which is helpful for providing vitamins.You have to eat a little coarse grains, such as corn, sweet potatoes, grains and the like. These coarse grains help a lot of help during pregnancy, and the sugar content is relatively small. It is the first choice for staple foods for pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

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