What are the things about follicles and eggs?Are you all clear?

Good quality eggs and sperm are the key to breeding life.If the follicles are not developing well, it will affect the quality of the eggs and then affect the conception.

Ovarian cortex is composed of an oocyte and many small follicle cells around it.According to the morphological and functional changes of the follicle development process, it can be divided into three stages: original follicles, growth follicles and mature follicles.There is only one follicles in each month of the menstrual cycle to mature, called advantageous follicles.Other follicles are suppressed by inhibitory factors, stop growth, and degenerate into atresia follicles.The mature advantageous follicles grow up quickly, with a diameter of 20mm, and gradually moved to the surface of the ovary to prepare ovulation.

Generally, the follicles have 1cm are superior follicles. When it reaches 15mm, it is basically fertilized. More than 18mm is called mature follicles. It actually has the opportunity to get pregnant before 30mm.It still exists and is practiced.

Follicles are actually just a residence of eggs, just like our house. Whether it is a larger house or a small house or even a villa, we can live happily. The key point is not the size of the house, but the people who liveMind, follicles and eggs are the same.

In fact, because the eggs are not visible to the naked eye, it is not objective to use the size of the follicles to judge the function of the egg.

The performance of poor follicle development

1. Folkmine is not developing, just at a very small level;

2. Follicle development, but immature, often less than 18 mm in diameter;

3. Follicular development is not round, manifested as an oval shape, and even "jujube nucleus", without suffering from essence;

4. The follicle development is not good, the quality of the egg that cannot ovulate or excreted normally;

5. Folk mature, but not ruptured;

Because follicles are mature and mature follicular discharge is a continuous process, normal ovulation requires a complete function of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovaries. Any part of which is disordered, or organic lesions, can cause temporary or temporary or temporary or temporary or organic lesions.Long -term follicle development disorder and ovulation without ovulation.

Why is follicles dysplasia?

1. Pyrtiacare problems: Common diseases that cause abnormal ovulation, including pituitary blemnapioplasis, hyper -prolactin lesions, etc., which can inhibit ovulation levels at high prolactin levels.

2. Hulkitarity does not ovulate: primary organic factor, functional factors, secondary lesions, secondary functional factors.

3. Premature ovarian failure: early menstruation is normal and even has a history of fertility, but then menstruation is scarce until it is completely amenorrhea. Because the follicles in the ovaries have been exhausted, it is impossible to use ovulation -promoting drugs to develop follicles, or although there are original follicles, but right, they are right.Promoting gonad hormone without reaction.

4. Polycystic ovary syndrome: Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common reason for women without ovulation.It is characterized by the increase in the volume of the ovary and multiple small follicles, but it cannot develop and mature. It is necessary to use drugs to promote follicle development.

5. Insufficient luteal: Insufficient luteal can cause the occurrence of follicle lengths, and can be used to promote the growth of their growth according to the doctor’s suggestion.

6. Endocrine disorders: The more you want your baby, the more nervous the spirit is, and the endocrine will be affected. It may fall into the vicious cycle of the more anticipated and the more the follicles will not fully appear.

The eggs mature in the follicles and the follicles, and the developed eggs laid the foundation for eugenics.The relationship between eggs and follicles is like the relationship between egg yolk and eggs. Therefore, the quality of follicle development determines the quality of the egg, that is, "good follicles" can discharge the eggs.However, the eggs are too small, and the naked eye cannot be seen. It can only be indirectly observed by observing the follicles to speculate the development of the eggs.

How do you know if the follicle development is good?

The simplest and most intuitive evaluation of follicle development is to observe through B -ultrasound. Each cycle passes 3 to 4 vaginal B -ultrasound monitoring. It can observe whether there are normal follicle growth, development, and discharge.Although monitoring follicles look troublesome, it has important clinical significance.

There are many ways to monitor ovulation, including observing ultrasound, peak hematuria LH, basic body temperature, and cervical mucus scores.

In addition to the following situations that need to be monitored by ovulation, it is recommended that husband and wife AA should take natural needs. In short, as long as you have a normal AA 2 to 3 times a week, no matter how ovulation is ovulation from Monday to Sunday every weekEssence

1. Irregular menstruation, doctors will give you ovulation -proof treatment and need to monitor ovulation.This is a regular move.

2. The two places are separated, such as husband and wife on weekends, then you need to monitor, find 2 days to go to AA.This is a helpless move.

3. To be artificial insemination or IVF, it must be monitored. This is a must.

In addition, it is recommended that there is no need to monitor the time of the follicles to calculate AA.Because this will make your mood too nervous. When the follicle development is small, slower, but not reaching the standard written on the book, you may also make your husband and wife anxious, which will affect AA mood.

Of course, if the couple’s heart is strong enough and calm, and monitoring the monitoring follicles as a kind of fun and relaxation, then bold monitoring can be monitored.However, how many people can be so powerful and calm in their hearts of couples with maternity demand or couples with various fertility difficulties.

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