What are the taboos that are easy to be ignored during pregnancy?

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Guide: After pregnancy, we will always be told that we cannot do all kinds of things, and the main purpose is to protect the healthy development of the fetus more comprehensive.Therefore, many pregnant mothers will be restricted during pregnancy. They cannot do this, cannot do that, and they ca n’t eat all kinds of food. They need to eat less. Many pregnant mothers have some nerves.

Especially the older generation at home, there are always various taboos after pregnancy, and sometimes there are some metaphysics in it.But in fact, in our pregnancy life, the taboos that can be clearly explained can still be avoided. Some taboos are ignored by many people, so that they do n’t know if they hurt the baby.

So what are the taboos that are easy to be ignored?I will take a look at you here:

1. Emotional fluctuations change greatly

After pregnancy, the body is affected by hormone secretion, and the mood will become much sensitive than before, so many pregnant mothers will unconsciously fall into the low emotional emotion, and often there will be emotional fluctuations in ups and downs.And this severe emotional change will also affect the normal development of the fetus, so pregnant mothers must control their emotions daily to avoid long -term immersion in bad emotions.

2. Replenishment during pregnancy

Many elderly people in the family make a variety of supplementary foods during the pregnancy of pregnant women, and their arrangements will become very rich in their diet, mainly to make pregnant mothers eat well and help the fetus grow.However, excessive dense nutritional supplies during pregnancy and foods that often eat large supplements can easily cause the digestive burden on the stomach and intestines, and at the same time, it will have potential risk of obesity.

3. Soak hot spring/medicinal bath bath

Maybe some pregnant mothers will feel that going out to make a hot spring or go to make a medicated bath to treat it.But in fact, we need to avoid bathing and taking baths during pregnancy, because during the bathing process, high water temperature will speed up the blood circulation of the pregnant mother’s body.Earns to the health of the fetus.

4. Stay up late

After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers may have long -term insomnia and difficulty falling asleep. When they can’t sleep at night, they will habitually play their mobile phones, which will cause the situation of staying up late.This is more of an unconscious behavior, which will be alert when it is from time to time. However, staying up late during pregnancy not only affects the mental state of pregnant mothers, but also increases the risk probability of fetal malformation development.

5. Do B -ultrasound frequently

In the process of checking in the birth check, the B -ultrasound project is an important means for pregnant mothers to understand the development of the fetus in the palace, but some mothers will be too obsessed with B -ultrasound examination, just to worry about whether their fetus will not be aware of themselves when they are not noticed.An accident.However, frequent B -ultrasound during pregnancy is not a good thing. The B -ultrasound will affect the normal development of the fetus. The high tension of the pregnant mother is not conducive to the fetus.

6. Use products such as cleaning toilets, pesticides and other products

Various cleaning supplies and sterilization disinfection products in the home are also things that pregnant mothers are easily ignored in daily use, and most of these daily necessities have various chemicals.Usually use does not cause harm to the human body, but this is undoubtedly a risk factor for pregnant mothers. Volatilization of irritating odors and chemical composition will hurt the development of the fetus.

7. Skin care products with whitening and anti -aging

Pregnant mothers may also have thunder products in various skin care products. In fact, many skin care products cannot be used after pregnancy, such as salicylic acid, fruit acid, vitamin A acid and other components are taboos.Because these ingredients have a certain risk of teratings for the fetus, basically there are whitening and anti -aging products that cannot be used during pregnancy. You should choose simple and safe skin care products.

The above taboos mentioned above are that we usually feel normal and don’t matter, but in fact, they will cause bad hidden dangers to the fetus, but pregnant mothers often ignore it.Therefore, for the healthy development of the fetus, pregnant mothers must pay attention to and correct them in time.

Important Tips: Some behaviors of pregnant mothers in daily life during pregnancy also have certain hidden harm, such as large emotional fluctuations, dietary diets during pregnancy, soaking in hot spring baths, frequently conduct B -ultrasound inspections, some irritating in the home at homeThe use of cleaning supplies, disinfection supplies, and skin care products that whitening and anti -aging are all harmful to the development of the fetus.

Today’s topic: When you are pregnant, have you done any dangerous behavior that make you follow?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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