What are the symptoms of dogs after pregnancy?

Recently, many owners asked me such a question:

My dog has finished it, is it pregnant?

My dog’s nipples have become pink and pregnant?Still sick?

I found that many owners could not distinguish whether their dogs were pregnant.Today, I will take you to understand the symptoms and manifestations of dog pregnancy.

First of all, it is clear that the dog’s pregnancy is the same as people. During each time period, different states will be shown, and there will be significant pregnancy characteristics.As long as the owner observe carefully, he can generally determine whether the dog is pregnant.

1. After a week of mating

About one week after the dog mating, the genitals will have a shrinking movement. You can see a little dark brown liquid flowing out, and his personality is quiet and calm.

At about 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy, the breasts will gradually become larger, the appetite will increase, the hair is shiny, the personality is docile, but the movement is slow.

2. Pregnancy reaction significant

3 to 4 weeks after conception, the nipples will become larger, the color will turn pink, and the breasts will have areola. Some dogs will have a short but obvious pregnancy reaction at 3 to 4 weeks after pregnancy.There will also be pregnancy vomiting or loss of appetite.

3. The appearance has changed significantly

After one month of pregnancy, the weight will rise significantly; after 6 weeks, the abdomen will wider, the number of urination will become more, the chest will slowly swell, and some dogs can squeeze a small amount of milk out.normal circumstances.

About 7 weeks later, the owner touched the baby’s baby’s fetal movement across the abdominal wall.

1: Emotional instability

Dogs have changed their mood during pregnancy, and some will become irritable. This is caused by hormone disorders after pregnancy. The owner must be patient, comfort and accompany the dog.

2: Dogs are unwilling to get close to others

Dogs actually like to be close to humans. If your dog suddenly becomes very sensitive and does not like any approach, even the pet owner does not work, it is likely to be pregnant.Because the dog will become very sensitive after pregnancy, the mood will be unstable, for fear that someone will hurt its child.And when I sleep, I will not lie on my stomach, but choose to sleep on the side or sleep on the back.

3: Dogs suddenly love to sleep

Dogs are abundant every day, but if your dog suddenly does not like to move, and loves to lie at home every day, it may be because of pregnancy.

4: Nesting behavior

Because the dog’s mother can perceive when to give birth, she may try to tear some things to build nests and give the dog a comfortable environment.

1. If you suspect that the dog is pregnant, it is necessary to take it to the hospital for examination.

2. About three weeks during the dog’s pregnancy, the uterus will become swollen, and the diameter of the uterus can be obviously thickened when the abdomen can be obviously touched, but there will be deviations in this possible examination result.

3. Experienced veterinaries can feel the dog’s fetus by touching the dog’s abdomen directly with their hands.However, the best diagnosis of this touch method is the 28-35 days after pregnancy.

4. Ultrasound test.When the dog is about 19-25 days of pregnancy, the ultrasonic instrument can be used for related diagnosis. At this time, the heart of the baby can be observed, and the error rate will be greatly reduced with the process of the number of pregnancy days.

5. X -ray check.

30 to 35 days after the dog’s pregnancy, you can see the appearance of the uterus;

About 49 days of pregnancy, the bone of the baby’s baby is calcified, which can fully represent its contrast;

When some female dogs are examined 40 days of pregnancy, the vertebrae and ribs of the dog’s tires are significantly expected.

6. Blood examination.At this stage of pregnancy, the blood of the female dogs will change very obviously. According to the changes in these parameters, it is possible to diagnose whether the female dog is pregnant, and it can also distinguish the authenticity of pregnancy.

In fact, the appearance of fake pregnancy is not much different from the appearance. Generally, the general owner cannot directly identify the results with the naked eye.

Fake pregnancy occurs 2 to 3 months after estrus.The female dog’s abdomen increases, the palpation of the stabilizer can feel that the uterus is thickened, the breast development is swollen, and the lactation can be bleed.The female dog is irritable, looking for dark nests, likes to drink water, appetite, and sometimes symptoms such as vomiting and urine.According to the history of breeding, abdominal strikes, X -ray photography and ultrasonic diagnosis can be determined by excluding real pregnancy.

In general, fake pregnancy does not require any treatment, and can be cured by itself.Generally, the clinical symptoms of fake pregnancy can subscribe by themselves at 2-3 weeks without treatment.

If the more severe clinical symptoms of fake pregnancy last more than 2-3 weeks, you should consider whether the dog has a thyroid skills.

However, before the treatment of fake pregnancy, it is necessary to fully diagnose the possibility of pregnancy, because any fake pregnancy treatment is not good for pregnancy.

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If the dog has breasts during the fake pregnancy, you can take the dog at the same time [milk elimination] to help the dog solve the breast spill.

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