What are the symptoms in the late pregnancy and understand these three common symptoms

In the last few months of pregnancy, the physical changes of expectant mothers became bigger and bigger.Some changes are normal times during pregnancy, and some should be paid attention to. What are the symptoms in the later stages of pregnancy?Take a look.

1. What are the symptoms in the late pregnancy-frequent urine

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During the process of pregnancy, her belly will increase every day.In fact, the increase in women’s uterus will also affect women’s bladder.In the later stages of pregnancy, the baby in the expectant mother’s belly was ready to come out, so the child’s head will start to approach the pelvic cavity, which is even more obvious for the bladder squeezing of the expectant mothers.

Women’s pelvic cavity is squeezed, and the carrying capacity of urine is reduced. Specific mothers are prone to frequent urination. After a while, it needs to go to the toilet.If the degree of squeezing is too large, urinary incontinence may occur.But this is also a phenomenon that women are prone to appear in the later stages of pregnancy.

Specific mothers don’t have to worry too much. After the end of pregnancy, they can return to normal.However, in the late pregnancy, women need to pay attention to the problem of urethral infection. The bladder has edema and is vulnerable to infection. Therefore, special attention should be paid. If urinary pain occurs, it is recommended that expectant mothers need to go to the hospital for examination in time.

2. What are the symptoms in the later stages of pregnancy-difficulty in breathing

In the later stages of women’s pregnancy, dyspnea may occur.The stomach of the expectant mother is getting bigger day by day, and the breathing of pregnant women will be affected.In order to ensure the oxygen supply of pregnant women and the baby, expectant mothers need to increase their breathing depth.

However, the baby’s squeezing will also affect the upper and lower movements of the breathing diaphragm, which will lead to dyspnea.Especially when women lie flat, they may feel suffocating.Different pregnant women have different degrees of severity. For women with multiple or excessive amniotic fluid, this symptom is even more obvious.

In order to solve the problem of breathing difficulties in the later stages of pregnancy, I hope that expectant mothers can reduce their activity in the late pregnancy, and hope to maintain mood of joy and not have emotional fluctuations.Women should not lie flat on the bed during pregnancy. The best posture is lying on the left side, which can prevent the baby’s shell from squeezing.If there is always a cough, try to sit as much as possible. If the situation is serious, you need to receive the doctor’s treatment in time.

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