What are the stomach pain in pregnant women?Must know

The abdominal pain during pregnancy is unbearable. The first thing everyone thinks of is that it may be born, but only 32 weeks of pregnancy. How can it be possible? You know that it was caused by acute pancreatitis. If the treatment is not timely, it can easily cause miscarriage.Today I will talk about those things in pregnant women’s stomach pain!

It is understood that the incidence of acute pancreatitis during pregnancy has risen year by year.The main cause of this phenomenon is that the incidence of hyperlipidemiamia in pregnant women is increased. Due to changes in hormone levels during pregnancy, the level of glycerin triglyceride in pregnant women can increase physiological by 2 to 4 times.And if you are too supplemented during pregnancy and consumption of a large amount of high -fat food, it will lead to further increase in blood lipids.Once the triglyceride level in the serum reaches or exceeds 10 times more than 10 times, it is easy to induce the occurrence of acute pancreatitis.

The main clinical manifestations of acute pancreatitis are abdominal pain. When the condition is severe, it can cause multi -organ functional damage such as circulation, respiratory, and kidney.In the case of pregnancy, it is easy to cause complications such as abortion and fetal distress, which can endanger the safety of the fetus and pregnant women in severe cases.

How does the pain of acute pancreatitis in pregnant women distinguish the pain of prenatal palaces?

Clinical symptoms of acute pancreatitis during pregnancy: nausea, vomiting, and upper abdomen pain are the three major symptoms of acute pancreatitis during pregnancy. The pain is mostly continuous pain in the middle and upper abdomen or the left abdominal pain to the back.There is a greasy diet before the attack.Any upper abdomen pain during pregnancy should be considered the possibility of acute pancreatitis, because abdominal pain can be mild or even typical, and early pregnancy nausea and vomiting are severe and frequent.In the late pregnancy, especially during the production stage, the upper abdomen pain in acute pancreatitis is often confused with contraction pain.

Triven pain characteristics: It mainly comes from the pain caused by uterine contraction.In the lower abdomen and two inner or lumbosacral regions, it is similar to menstrual pain, but stronger than.


As mentioned earlier, the three major symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain are strongly reminded of acute pancreatitis during pregnancy, but due to the symptoms and signs of abdominal pain during the attack, it is not typical.Spleen rupture, acute appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy rupture, pregnancy drama vomiting, and signs of eclampsia.

Therefore, we recommend that acute pancreatitis during pregnancy should be controlled.Blood lipids should be routine during pregnancy during pregnancy. If blood lipids exceed standards, you should adjust it in time through diet or drugs.Do not excessively supplement during pregnancy. Once abdominal pain occurs during pregnancy, it is suspected that pancreatitis seizures should be highly valued and visited in a timely manner to ensure the safety of mothers and infants.

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