What are the reasons for dreaming of a close relationship with the opposite sex?

When the night was quiet, people fell into a sweet dream, and at this time, some people suddenly woke up from the bed, just because in the dream, dreaming of a face of the opposite sex, and dreamed of the appearance of themselves with each other.

Repeated aftertaste and thinking about that dream, there will be anxiety in my heart: Why do I have such a dream?Could it be said that because I have no choice, do I have too much desire?

In fact, dreaming of close relationships with the opposite sex is not only because of the stimulus and desire of hormones, there are often the following reasons.

Although some people are married, they will still be in their hearts and never let go of their predecessors.

For them, it means that the door is right, but the true love is a young stunning. It is the unforgettable after the other. It is an eternal painting.

After losing that person, many people will fall into pain, and even weave a dream of breaking the mirror for their fantasies and weaving.

When a person starts to fantasize, it is difficult to stop such thoughts and thoughts, and it will become more and more deeper in the continuous passage of time.

If at the beginning, this fantasy is just a nihilistic idea. In the end, this fantasy may grow more specific eyebrows, dream of getting married both sides, live a happy after marriage, and even happen in a dream.relation.

In simple terms, this is a projection of self -consciousness. Because of the past, it is always pregnant, so a dream is fictional, to exquisitely reflect on the beauty of the year, and try to derive a new relationship with dreams, healing unheard of regrets.

No matter how beautiful the memories are, after all, it is just the falsehood that you miss, so you can’t be greedy.When you really understand this, you may not meet the old people in your dreams.

Most people have a fantasy about love, and people who feel that they are better to love, hoping that they can handle their hands side by side and go to Shanhai together.

That person may be a high -legged senior on the basketball court, or a girl wearing a skirt in the debate game, or maybe the colleague who is knowledgeable at work …

But those who are thoughtful are like a star hanging in the night sky. Even if the arms are stretched longer and tall, it is difficult to pick it up. In this way, it is even more confused and more confused.

So at this time, you will create a perfect image in your own heart, to create a perfect image, and constantly chew and taste his image, so that you have the desire and thoughts that will possess it.Let him finally enter your dream.

In fact, this is like the star chasing of young boys and girls. Their idols may not be as good as expected, but they have a kind of obsession. They use filters to create them a holy and flawless appearance, let them be in their dreams, With yourself a bond, but your own wish.

However, are these unaccompanied love really as beautiful as we think?

the answer is negative.

Anyone watching flowers and seeing the sea across the mountains, what they see is the most beautiful side, because the other party is so beautiful, so it is really impossible to let go.

There is a good solution to deal with such ideas and disperse such an heterosexual image from our minds: boldly confess and ask for love, and let the other party understand their hearts.

If they refuse, then they will feel a burden in their hearts; if they are not rejected and they really come to the other side, then they can take this opportunity to see the true appearance of the other party and break those dreamy filters, soOnce, it naturally dispels those lingering dreams.

In addition to those who like or like, they will appear in their dreams. People often dream that "good" with the opposite sex is to satisfy their own desire to conquer.The thoughts that can’t be satisfied during the day, in the thoughts and infinite reveries at night, will gradually spread.

Therefore, the opposite sex friend you dreamed of is not necessarily your favorite person, or it may be someone you once hated or hate.

In college, a boy pursued a female classmate. On the day he confessed, he was humiliated by a girl with a gun with a gun and made a public in public.

He felt sad for this. From then on, he had created a completely strangers with that girl. He not only had no love for her, but also hate in her heart.

However, he would dream of that girl, and the number of girls appeared frequently in his dreams.

In fact, he should also be able to feel that his attitude towards that girl hates a bit, because that girl brings him too much shame and weakness, making him feel confused and annoyed, so she sheIt’s like a thorn that is pierced in his heart, no matter how long it is, still remember.

In this way, he dreamed of her in his dream and conquered her. It was the deep projection of his heart. A feeling of wanting to regain control, making up for the regret that he had never had before.

In fact, dreaming is not shameful to "good" with the opposite sex. When we dream, we are also a process of sorting out our mood and clarifying our feelings. Following the guidance of dreams, learning to let go, learn to let go, and learn to conquer.Good thing.

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