What are the precautions for pregnant mobile phones?

Pregnant women can use mobile phones, but limited to short -term use of mobile phones. Generally, if the mobile phone time is relatively short after pregnancy, it will not endanger the health of the fetus.However, the consequences of pregnant women will have long -term use of mobile phones. At present, it has not been found that experts suggest that pregnant women use their mobile phones as little as possible in the early stages of pregnancy. If you use your mobile phone, you should comply with some precautions for using mobile phones.

Pregnant women can use mobile phones, try to use as little as possible in the early stages of pregnancy

The first three months of women’s pregnancy, known as the early pregnancy, is an important period of differentiation and development of embryo tissue, and it is also the most vulnerable period of internal and external environmental impact.Therefore, in order to avoid the malformation of the fetus, the mother should stay away from and use less mobile phones in the early stages of pregnancy.

Mobile phones and computers have a certain radiation effect on the human body, and try not to use it during pregnancy.If you need to use your mobile phone, you can take some protective measures.A test conducted by researchers shows that women in the early stages of pregnancy should not hang their mobile phones on their chests to reduce the effects of radiation on the fetus in the body.

Is mobile phone radiation non -electromagnetic radiation?

Like TV, computers, microwave ovens, etc., like the various artificial and natural environmental resources we have contacted every day, mobile phones will also emit low -level "non -ionizing" electromagnetic radiation."Non -ionizing" radiation is much slightly slightly slightly slightly more slightly more radiated than "ionizing" radiation. Electric ionization radiation comes from X -ray, radiation therapy instrument and CT scanning source. It has been determined that it is harmful to the baby’s development when it reaches a certain dose.

The level of the mobile phone is divided according to the electromagnetic radiation level (radio wave) issued by the mobile phone.This electromagnetic wave absorption ratio (or ratio absorption rate, referred to as SAR) reflects the maximum energy number that people absorb when using their mobile phones.The higher the SAR value of the mobile phone, the more radiation is absorbed.

What does the strength of mobile phone radiation have something to do with?

In fact, the energy value of mobile phone radiation depends on the strength of the signal.The stronger the signal, the less energy required for mobile phone calls, and the SAR value is also reduced accordingly.Therefore, a way to reduce the radiation of pregnant women’s mobile phones is to use the mobile phone when the signal is strong.In addition, although the use of headphones can reduce the radiation of the head, it may increase the radiation of other body parts, and this may not be unwilling during pregnancy.

What are the precautions for pregnant women using mobile phones?

Experts from all over the world believe that non -electrode radiation is unlikely to hurt the fetus that is under development because it is at the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum.Therefore, pregnant women can use their mobile phones, and the following method can also reduce the radiation of the mobile phone.

(1) Try to use the mobile phone as little as possible, just use it as a last resort, it is best to send a text message or replace it with a fixed -line;

(2) The call time should be short;

(3) When the signal is not good, try not to use a mobile phone and find a place with a better signal, such as outdoor or near the window;

(4) Consider the reasonable use of the earphones to increase the distance between the head and the mobile phone, or try not to take the phone too close to the head.

(5) When the mobile phone is turned on, the radiation generated by the radiation generated by the phone is 20 times higher than the call. Therefore, when the mobile phone is in the connection stage, the user should avoid it close to the ear, which can reduce the amount of radiation by 80%to 90%of the radiation volume by 80%to 90%.Essence

(6) Whether you are pregnant or not, try not to use your mobile phone when you drive (whether you are holding your hand or removal).Pick -up when driving will increase the risk of accidents.

Pregnant women can use their mobile phones during pregnancy, but try not to use too long and short call time.If you want the fetus to be absolutely safe, use less mobile phone.

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