What are the precautions for pregnancy hypertension in diet

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What should I do if female friends suffer from pregnancy hypertension during pregnancy? So what are the precautions for pregnancy hypertension? What can be eaten and what can I not eat? Let ’s take a look with Xiaobian.

What is pregnancy hypertension

Pregnancy hypertension (referred to as pregnancy hypertension) is a unique and common disease of women during pregnancy. It is a clinical characteristic of hypertension, edema, proteinuria, convulsions, coma, cardiac failure, and even mothers and child death.Pregnancy hypertension syndrome is divided into mild, moderate, and severe according to the severity. Severe pregnancy hypertension syndrome is also called signs of eclampsia and eclampsia. Eclavia is convulsive on the basis of hypertension.The blood pressure of normal people in the diagnosis of pregnancy hypertension has a certain range of fluctuations under different physiological conditions. When anxiety, tension, stress state or physical activity, blood pressure can increase.In addition, shrinkage voltage increases with age.

What should I pay attention to for pregnancy hypertension?

1. Ensure the intake of calcium

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends early pregnancy, mid -to -late stages, and daily calcium intake during breastfeeding 800 mg, 1000 mg, 1200 mg, and 1200 mg.Pregnant moms must ensure that milk and dairy products are rich in calcium that is rich in milk and dairy products every day. It is a good food for calcium supplementation. It is advisable to use low -fat or dehydrated dairy products.Studies have shown that pregnant women’s increased dairy intake can reduce the occurrence of pregnancy hypertension.Pregnant moms also eat more soybean and soybean products and seafood. Soy and soy products are both high -quality protein and calcium -rich foods. They should be eaten every day.

2. Rich vegetables and fruits

Ensure more than 500 grams of vegetables per day, 200 ~ 400 grams of fruits, and eat a variety of vegetables and fruits.Because vegetables and fruits can increase the intake of food cellulose, it is good for preventing constipation and reducing blood lipids. It can also supplement a variety of vitamins and minerals, which is conducive to the prevention and treatment of pregnancy and hypertension.

3. Control thermal energy and weight

Excessive energy intake during pregnancy can easily lead to obesity, and obesity is an important risk factor for pregnancy hypertension. Therefore, the amount of food should be appropriately controlled during pregnancy.Standard adjustment.Especially the super -heavy mothers before pregnancy should be as little as possible or not to eat candy, snacks, sweet beverages, fried foods and high -fat foods.Pregnant moms should not exceed 12 kg throughout the pregnancy.

4. Reduce the intake of saturated fat

The heat ratio of food fat should be controlled at about 25%, the maximum should not exceed 30%, and the saturated fat should be reduced, and the intake of unsaturated fat should be increased accordingly.That is, eat less animal fat, and replace it with vegetable oils, and cooks about 20 grams per day.In this way, not only the essential fatty acids needed for growth and development for fetal baby, but also increase the synthesis of prostaglandin and help eliminate excess fat.

5. Ensure the intake of protein

Poultry and fish protein can be adjusted or reduced blood pressure, and the protein in soybeans can protect the cardiovascular.Therefore, eating more fish, poultry and soybeans can improve blood pressure during pregnancy.However, pregnant moms with abnormal renal function must control protein intake to avoid increasing kidney burden.

6. The intake of salt should be moderate

If too much salt intake, it is easy to cause water sodium to stay, which will increase the blood pressure of pregnant mothers, so you must control the amount of salt.

It is generally recommended that pregnant moms have less than 5 grams of salt per day, which will help prevent pregnancy hypertension.Soy sauce cannot be taken too much, 6 ml of soy sauce is equal to the amount of 1 gram of salt.If you are accustomed to the salty taste, you can use some potassium -containing salt instead of sodium salt, which can improve the taste of less salt cooking to a certain extent. You can also season with green onions, ginger, garlic.

Pregnant moms should not eat pickles, pickles, pickled eggs, pickled fish, ham, mustard, pickles, etc.However, because of the large number of gastric acid, pregnant moms can appropriately consume foods, soda biscuits, grilled films, dried bread, and other foods to reduce gastric acid discomfort.

For expectant mothers with pregnancy hypertension, we must pay special attention to their diet. We now understand that the dietary principles of high protein, high calcium, high potassium and low sodium are used, which will help prevent pregnancy hypertension.And control the amount of salt.

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