What are the characteristics of the whole pregnancy?

In our daily life, we can always meet some careless people, including some women, and they do n’t even know when they are pregnant.However, many women who have never given birth to this situation is that they have been in love, but people who have had children, and even have some experienced people. When they encounter this situation, they really can’t say.

Abu Ti saw such a thing on the Internet:

Ms. Wang, 47, did not come for 9 months of menstruation and thought it was menopause.

Ms. Wang, a child had had a child more than ten years ago, because the second child was preparing for pregnancy, and she had abandoned the thought of having a child with age.

On this day, I had abdominal pain after dinner. I thought that my stomach was bad, and I took some medicine. The symptoms were not good and it became more and more painful. Her husband looked wrong, so she sent her to the hospital.

At the beginning, doctors did not think about pregnancy. When they were excluded from various situations, they found that Ms. Wang’s belly was particularly large, and she could even touch the enlarged uterus.

As a result, Ms. Wang was arranged to do the color Doppler ultrasound, and she was really pregnant.Subsequently, Ms. Wang became red because she was pregnant without knowing it. She did not have a check -up during pregnancy, and she was still old. The fetus was not good in all aspects of the fetus. In the end, a cesarean section produced the next girl.

Seeing this, netizens have left messages, saying that they do not believe:

"Those who have had a child can still find that they are pregnant, and even have been pregnant for 9 months for 9 months. Is there no feeling of a big fetus in the stomach?"

"Don’t, when I am pregnant, it feels different when I am in my second child."

"One of my relatives was pregnant with a second child, and I didn’t know. I almost gave birth to the child at home without showing up. Can’t I feel the fetal movement?"

"People who can’t understand pregnancy and don’t feel, I can feel the fetal movement when I was fat until 180 pounds."

Of course, people who do not believe it will also have people who believe:

"There are such people. A woman who is almost 50 years old is accompanied by her family to the hospital for a color Doppler ultrasound. It is thought that it is a tumor, and the patient said that it has been a long time.It’s okay, but this stomach is getting bigger and bigger. I never expected to be pregnant. The color Doppler ultrasound showed 8 months. Don’t ask me why I know, because it’s the color Doppler ultrasound. "

"I am also this kind of person. I do n’t know if I do n’t get pregnant when I get pregnant. I said I was nauseous and vomited. The doctor gave me a few times. I said that my belly was always stringing.The belly is a bit big, let me be a B -ultrasound, it is estimated that this child will toss me. "

"I was also a second child in my 40s. At that time, I thought menstruation. I went to the hospital to see it. I was pregnant for more than 4 months."

Seeing this, Abu Tip thought of my girlfriend, and had a second child after birth, but menstruation was always irregular. Every time he was postponed, he thought he was pregnant, but he was disappointed every time.

There was no menstruation for 4 months, and she did not pay attention. When she felt that the menstruation was too long, she went to the hospital for examination. The baby was 5 months old.

The nurse next to him looked at her and was embarrassed to laugh. The doctor said that he hadn’t encountered such a mother who had never met like this for a long time!

Women will have different pregnancy reactions in the early stages of pregnancy, but each woman’s constitution is different. These reactions may not occur or meet those who are irregular or carelessly when they are slightly milder, they will be ignored.

Abu Ti is a reaction without early pregnancy, and there is no consecutive child in a row, so I realized that I was pregnant for almost three months. This may have something to do with inheritance, because my mother is the same, and my sister is the same.And my friend, she started to vomit from pregnancy, and she spit it until she gave birth to a baby before she stopped.

Some people may ask, no early pregnancy finds that the fetal movement in the middle of pregnancy does not feel?

Generally speaking, fetal movements will occur for more than 4 months. The fetal movement of 5 months of pregnancy is obvious. The movement of the fetus at 6 months of pregnancy is increased. When you are 7 months pregnant, you can see the fetus on the stomach.

But some mothers do not feel the fetal movement. That’s because the fetus also has relatively quiet and naughty. The quiet fetal baby will not move too much. At this time, the fat on the belly of the pregnant mother is relatively thick, so the fetal movement is not that so.It is sensitive, and even feels that the intestines are peristals.

"Hiding" after an early pregnancy reaction and fetal movement, the big belly in the third trimester always detects it?

Not necessarily. Some pregnant mothers are actually not very arduous. This has something to do with the position of the fetus. Usually, the front wall and back wall we are talking about refer to the position of the fetus in the uterus.Some pregnant mothers are relatively obese, and they are back walls after pregnancy. Naturally, they don’t care about the big belly, they just think they are gaining weight.

All in all, such pregnant mothers are very small, but they are not completely absent, especially those older mothers always feel that pregnancy failure or irregular menstruation. For some symptoms of pregnancyBaby.

Early pregnancy

At the beginning of pregnancy, the most obvious is that menstruation is not coming. Married women who have been married age have to see if they are pregnant for a week and do not come for a week. The menstruation continues to be postponed.

Menstruation is not postponed, and at the same time, I find that I love sleeping, tired of fatigue, and vulnerable. I still have some disgusting to vomit in the morning, and I have to consider whether I am pregnant.

Mid -pregnancy

After the early pregnancy response disappears, the pregnant mother will find that the appetite will be widened, and the food that I do n’t like to eat before will not refuse. At this time, the lower abdomen may be raised, the number of toilets increases, and the chest is still a bit out of the chest.Bloating.

About the fifth month of pregnancy, mothers can feel the fetal movement. At first, they felt that it was intestinal peristalsis. Later, she felt that something was beating in the abdomen. As the fetus increased, the floating of the fetal movement became more and more obvious.

Late pregnancy

Moms’ bodies are getting heavier, and they feel powerless under a little activity, and the sore parts on their bodies are getting wider and wider. Before, there were only back pain and back pain. Now even the hips have begun to hurt.Essence

Of course, these discomfort reactions are normal physiological phenomena. They can gradually disappear after the baby is born. Moms do not have to worry too much, let alone feel that these reactions will affect the baby’s development.


It is not easy to be a mother, even if I do n’t find that I am pregnant or feel that I am impossible to get pregnant, they must be paid attention when menstruation is not reported in time.

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