What are the changes in the chest after pregnancy?Many pregnant mothers can’t imagine

After Bao Ma became pregnant, in addition to her belly getting bigger and bigger, the chest changes were not small.And in addition to some normal physiological changes, Baoma’s chest will also look like "terrible".So let’s take a look together, what are the reasons for these situations?How should Baoma take care of?

1. Breast drooping

After pregnancy, the chest will continue to grow due to the stimulation of estrogen and progesterone.As a result, the muscles on both sides of the chest cannot bear the increasing breasts, and the fiber breaks occur, so that Bao Ma will have a sag during pregnancy.To avoid this situation, it is necessary to wear a breast -to -breast breasts with good supporting breasts during pregnancy to help the chest muscles and share the strength of the breast to ensure the elasticity of the chest skin and prevent breast sagging.And breastfeeding bras are very elastic, wearing it during pregnancy, it will not stretch the pregnant belly, affecting the development of the fetus.

2, the areola growing small bumps

Bao Ma’s isolas have small bumps. There are generally three reasons. The first is that Baoma grows neurofibroma; the second is that Baoma is too obese and grows breast lipoma; the third is MengmengThe nodule is a normal pregnancy phenomenon.Generally, neurofibroma is a light brown suspended mass; breast lipoma is a round or leaf -shaped soft lump; the third Montessoric nodules are distributed on Baoma’s areola like pimples.When these three cases occur, as long as Bao Ma often cleans and does not break it, there will be no problems.

3. The chest feels pain and pain

Bao Ma has breast tenderness, which is related to changes in hormones in the body, and estrogen and progesterone are gradually increasing.Because hormones can stimulate Bao Ma’s breast ducts to continue to develop, so that they can store more milk in the future and eat it for the baby.That is, this continuous expansion will cause Bao Ma to feel slightly painful.But if the pain is strong, it is likely that Bao Ma’s breast ducts have blocked, and the cause of this situation may be that Bao Ma’s bra is too tight, so it is recommended that Baoma’s soft elasticity during pregnancy is too large.Breastfeeding bra.

4. A secretions appear in the nipple

Many Baoma will find during pregnancy that the secretions will flow out of their nipples, and yellow and yellow are very disgusting.There are two origin of these secretions, one is the breast ducts on the nipple, which is secreted by the oil secreted by the stimulation of hormones; the other possibility is that by the third trimester, Baoma secretes a little milk.Regardless of the situation, when Baoma finds that her nipple flows out of the secretions, it should be cleaned with warm water in time, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria and affect health.

I hope that after seeing this article, parents have a deeper understanding of the changes in breasts during pregnancy, and know what to do when they encounter these changes.

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