What are the changes in the body of the pregnant mother after pregnancy?How much weight is right and not anxious after reading it

1. After 14 weeks of pregnancy, Baoma may have leg swelling, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, poor breathing, and low blood pressure. At this time, our left lying position can be relieved!The reason is as follows

Pregnancy affects varicose pressure and mainly affects the lower limb intravenous pressure.During the presence, the blood volume of the pelvic blood flow to the lower cavity vein increased, and the increased uterine compression of the lower cavity veins caused the blood flow to be blocked, which increased the lower limb, vulva and rectal vein pressure. In additionThe lower limb edema, the lower limbs and the vulva vein, and hemorrhoids also increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis. If the pregnant woman is lying on his back for a long time, the uterus compresses the lower cavity vein, resulting in a decrease in blood volume of the heart, decreased in blood pressure.Hypotension syndrome.

The side lying position can alleviate uterine compression and improve venous return.Therefore, during pregnancy, encourage pregnant women to rest on the left side

2. It is easy to cause cold and other upper respiratory tract infections after pregnancy

Being subject to estrogen, the upper respiratory tract (nose, pharynx, trachea) viscosity and thickening, mild congestion edema, prone to upper respiratory infections

3. It is prone to acid reflux after pregnancy. I always feel not hungry and constipation.

The digestive system is affected by estrogen during pregnancy, and gums are congested, edema, thick, and susceptible to bleeding.Pathotonin reduces the tension of smooth muscle and relaxes the muscles. Therefore, the gastrointestinal sphincter is loose, and the stomach acid content can be returned to the esophagus to produce a "burning sensation";

The extension of gastric emptying time plus the secretion of gastric acid and gastric proteases is reduced, and the upper abdomen is full;

Weaken bowel movements, susceptible to constipation, hemorrhoids may increase the original hemorrhoids.

The gallbladder vacation time during pregnancy is prolonged, the smooth muscle of the biliary tract is relaxed, and the bile is slightly sticky to cause the cholecoscopic accumulation, which can easily induce cholecystitis and gallstone.

The increased uterus during pregnancy can move the stomach and intestines upward and both sides. If the pregnant woman with appendicitis can be manifested as the pain in the right abdomen in the right abdomen.

4. When pregnant women, the urine output increases, and the amount of nocturia is more than the amount of diurity.

5. After pregnancy, it is susceptible to acute kidney Meng nephritis, and the left side position can be prevented

6. Weight: The entire pregnancy body is increased by 12.5 kg. Remember to recover in time after giving birth [cute]

There is no significant changes in the early pregnancy. From 13 weeks of pregnancy, the increase of about 350g from a week from 13 weeks, and the increase of more than 500g per week per week in the third trimester.The weight of the mother before pregnancy and the weight increase during pregnancy is closely related to the fetal birth weight

7. Skin: Increase melanin in pregnant women, so that pigments, nipples, areolas, white lines, vulva, etc. on the cheeks, butterfly brown spots on the face, are called pregnancy chloasma, which fades after giving birth.

With the gradual increase of the pregnancy uterus, the skin tension of the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman has increased the elastic fiber of the skin, which is a large amount of purple or light red stretch marks, which is found in the first mother.The postpartum is silver and white.

8. Remember to supplement the iron

Mineral metabolism: Fetal growth and development requires a lot of calcium and phosphorus iron.Calcium and phosphorus are mostly accumulated within the last 3 months of pregnancy. Therefore, in the middle and late pregnancy, you should pay attention to strengthening calcium in the diet. At least 3 months of pregnancy should be supplemented with vitamin D and calcium.

Pregnant women are insufficient to store iron and need to replenish iron. Otherwise, it is prone to iron deficiency anemia. It is generally supplemented from 16 weeks of pregnancy.

9. Emotional fluctuations are prone to appear after pregnancy

Due to the role of hormones in the body, the emotional fluctuations of pregnant women are fluctuating.It is often shown as easy to excite, crying angrily for some very small things.The spouse often feels at a loss, and in severe cases, it will affect the relationship between husband and wife.

Psychological adaptation method during pregnancy

Rubin, an expert in American obstetrics and gynecology, believes that pregnant women maintain the integrity and harmony of individuals and families in order to welcome the advent of new lives. The following psychological adjustments should be achieved during pregnancy.

1. Ensure that safety is to go through the pregnancy and childbirth during peace, and ensure the safety of herself and the fetus. Pregnant women should seek good knowledge of obstetrics and develop good behaviors.If you read related books, consciously obey the doctor’s advice and instructions, supplement vitamins, ingest a balanced diet, exercise appropriately, ensure sufficient rest and sleep, and keep the entire pregnancy during the entire pregnancy.

2. Accepting children with the progress of pregnancy, especially the appearance of fetal movement, pregnant women gradually accept their children and promote the acceptance and recognition of their children’s important members of the family.In the process, the spouse is a key figure. His support and acceptance can enable pregnant women to successfully complete the psychological adaptation of pregnancy and the recognition of the mother’s character.

3. Learn to dedicate to giving a lot of behaviors whether it is fertility or nurturing newborns.Pregnant women learn to make self -control and delay their needs to meet the needs of their children.Continue to adjust yourself to adapt to the growth of the fetus, so as to successfully take on the heavy responsibility of taking care of the child after childbirth.

4. With the progress of pregnancy, pregnant women and fetuses have established intimate feelings. Pregnant women often show her care for the fetus through touching and speaking.Emotion.

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