What are the changes before and after a woman born?People who come here tell you: The most worried is the scar of the stomach

"Stay away from me, I don’t want to eat today!" With a while of anger, Mr. Zhang pushed away the door and left.Looking at the wife inside, he was very puzzled. In the past, how could a gentle, cheerful and generous wife now become like this?All this starts from 2 months ago.

Two months ago, with the baby’s cry, Mr. Zhang’s wife successfully gave birth to a big fat boy, which made the whole family very happy.The wife who had just finished the cesarean section in the bed was very weak. Under the care of Mr. Zhang’s family, his body recovered health after 7 days and went through the discharge procedures.

However, when he returned home, Mr. Zhang found that his wife was something wrong.During the period of delivery, the wife did not say much, nor did she express the joy of her child.When I got home, I always complained that the child was crying, and said that my cesarean section had a scar, and now I have seen the heart that I want to die.Depression and irritability for a while, making the original quiet family jumping with chickens.

Mr. Zhang’s friend felt that his wife might suffer from postpartum depression.As a result, Mr. Zhang took his wife to the hospital. After examination, it was a postpartum depression.The doctor prescribed the medicine for depression and instructed Mr. Zhang to take care of his wife at home.

With the careful care of her husband and the auxiliary treatment of the drug, the gentle and cheerful wife came back again.Mr. Zhang’s family returned to the original harmonious life.

In life, it is not difficult to find that women have changed more or less after giving birth to baby.So today, let’s talk about the topic of changes in women after fertility. I believe that after reading it, you will definitely have a new understanding of this.

Women not only have to conceive in October, but also to bear the pain of having children. It can be said that it is very difficult.However, not only do women have some changes in their bodies after giving birth to children, but also some changes in psychological.

Most of these changes are not understood by people, and even many elderly people will criticize the young young people now, and there are so many things to be pregnant. This kind of thought is wrong.Today, I will popularize the changes before and after the woman given birth to a baby.

First of all, after a woman lives a baby, endocrine disorders have caused many changes in the body.This is the most direct change after giving birth.Because after the child is born, the level of estrogen and progesterone is reduced, and it will directly appear on the body.

Cloaks such as chloasma, acne and other skin problems on the face disorders of the endocrine, the breasts can also be painful, the body becomes fat, and has a significant change in before pregnancy.Many people often share photos before and after social networking websites. You will find that women after childbirth are often not in good condition. This is caused by endocrine disorders.

Secondly, long -term pregnancy can cause belly to relax.Due to the long pregnancy time, the stomach will be supported in order to adapt to the growth of the fetus. At this time, the belly and meat will be separated, so the pregnant women we see are all like a big belly.

However, after giving birth, a woman will maintain a state of pregnancy and cannot recover for a while.At this time, the flesh on the belly will continue to be separated, and the belly is relaxed, which looks like after losing weight.It not only affects the aesthetics, but also causes many inconvenience in life.

Finally, after a woman has a baby, some people will suffer from postpartum depression.Postpartum depression is a special depression during the period of fertility.At present, about every 10 pregnant women in my country will have postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression is mainly manifested in depression and irritability. On the one hand, women will regret giving birth to children, and they will not take good care of their children.A little thing will be very angry, the temper becomes poor, and lacks patience to do things.It will cause great trouble for the family.

These changes before and after the baby, especially psychological problems, must understand.Only by grasping these changes can we discover the problems of women in time and take response methods in a timely manner.In addition to these changes, there is another topic that we can’t do without.Most women are produced in cesarean section now, but the scar produced in Caesarean section has become an eternal pain in the hearts of many women.

Because on the one hand, it is more painful on the one hand, on the one hand, and with great risks, many women can’t stand it, so the cesarean section is generally implemented now.Because the cesarean section is directly cut out of the mother’s abdomen, the fetus is taken out of the fetus. The fast time and the risk are small, and they have become the first choice for pregnant women.

However, after a cesarean section, a scar of scars will be formed in the woman’s abdomen, just like a puppet, which is terrible.After seeing this scar, many women regret why they want to have a cesarean section.However, I want to tell female friends that although this scar cannot be completely eliminated, through the following methods, it can make it obviously lighter.

1. Drug treatment

The scars produced by cesarean section usually appear 3 months after surgery. Before the scar appears, it can apply drugs to prevent scars from the wound. The common external drugs are mainly rehabilitated.Shit lightly.

After the scar appears, it will grow for a while. At this time, you can apply polysulfonic acid sticky polysaccharide cream to prevent scar hyperplasia to a certain extent.The effectiveness of external drugs is slow, and the treatment effect is not very obvious, but it can also play a certain role.

2. Laser treatment

Laser treatment mainly penetrates the skin through laser, stimulating skin collagen and hyperplasia of elastic fiber tissue.It can effectively improve the color of scars and tighten the skin.

Laser therapy is more effective than drug treatment, and the effect is better.Although the scars still exist after the laser treatment, it is not much different from the surrounding skin tissue, and it is not easy to distinguish the naked eye.However, if you want to take laser treatment, you must choose a regular hospital to use more advanced instruments, otherwise many problems will be prone to.

3. Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment is generally physical therapy such as skin implantation and soft needle. By changing the scar direction and skin texture, the width of the scar is reduced, which can effectively make the scar significantly smaller and fade.

However, surgical treatment may produce sequelae, and there is a chance to cause scars to be inconsistent with the surrounding colors, and it takes multiple treatment and costs higher.Many people feel that it is not as good as the original after surgery.However, most people’s treatment effects are still very obvious, so many pregnant women will currently perform surgical treatment to reduce scars.

Although the above methods cannot completely disappear the scar, there is no problem to make the scar fading. These methods also have their own advantages and disadvantages. They still have to choose according to their actual situation.Don’t let this scar be pierced in a woman’s heart for a lifetime.At the same time, it is not just this scar. After a woman has a baby, there are many need to do, such as postpartum care.

After giving birth, women are in a period of extreme weakness.At this time, if you do not do the right care, many diseases will come to the door.Therefore, how to care for women after giving birth is something we must learn.

The first is wound care.After women have fertility, especially after cesarean section surgery, many wounds will occur.These wounds should be cared for in time, otherwise the wound will be easily infected, causing other diseases and even cause wound deterioration.

Therefore, you can apply some drugs that promote wound healing, and always pay attention to the progress of wound healing to prevent the wound from worsening further.

Followed by body care.After fertility, women’s bodies will be very weak, and their bodies will have many changes, such as endocrine disorders and breast sagging.Not only has it a great impact on women’s appearance, but the body will be harmed.

You can go to the hospital for some drugs that stimulate hormones to ensure that the level of hormones is normal.At the same time, it is necessary to prepare some nutritious foods for women, provide sufficient supplement to nutrients to ensure rapid physical recovery.

There are also psychological care. After the birth of a child, women are in a period of fragile heart.At this time they are eager to be cared for, but also desire to take care of their babies quickly.Without paying attention, it will produce postpartum depression, just like the beginning of Mr. Zhang’s wife.

Therefore, the psychological problems after women’s fertility cannot be ignored.Family members should always pay attention to her psychological situation, ensure that she has a difficult period during this period of psychological health, successfully spend this difficult period, and lay the foundation for taking care of her baby in the future.

The process of women’s fertility is already painful. Therefore, it is necessary to take reasonable care after giving birth. At this time, women’s body and mental health must be first.Make them care, not only can women’s physical and mental health, but also promote the harmony of a family.

We were all born in October in October, and the hardships of them can only experience it.After reading this article, I believe that not only female friends, male friends can also learn a lot of knowledge.

We should be tolerant and take care of her after giving birth.Also, don’t let the scar produced in Caesarean section become a spiny forever in the hearts of women.Learning to my methods will definitely help readers, and I hope that every family can be happy and harmonious.


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