What are the causes of men without ejaculation?

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The occurrence of non -ejaculation disease has troubled many male friends, and it will also affect the happy life of each family. As a result, each family cannot have a baby. ThereforeThey are more concerned, so what are the reasons for men without ejaculation?

Poor sexual knowledge

Before the wedding, both parties did not know what was going on, completely lacking sexual knowledge, and did not know what the other party had the requirements, and even had fear of sexual relationships, or was shy

Mental factors

I’m not satisfied with the spouse, suspect that the wife has an affair;,avoid.

Psychological factors

Some men are afraid of their wives after marriage, take a restraint of sexual life, and long -term suppression of non -ejaculation conditions reflection.

Female factors

The woman is afraid of the pain of ***, fearing that she suffers from cervicitis and cystitis and limits the men’s twitching;

envirnmental factor

If the housing is narrow, the family is cohabited in the same room to form a sexual suppression.It is common that many young people are currently leased foreign, which can often lead to the emergence of non -ejaculation.

Anatomical factors

The foreskin is too long.Rubbing in the vagina, the penis head is discomfort; the foreskin, pain, and forced interruption; severe sperm inflammation causes atrophic changes and cannot effectively participate in the ejaculation process.

Disease factors

This is also a common factor, and one of the most terrible factor, such as local lesions, lack of bladder necks, spermatozoic hypertrophy, penile trauma, hardships, scars, fibrosis, severe urethral cracking.Or endogenous function, hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hypertrophy, mucus edema, etc. can also cause ejaculation disorders.

Through the introduction of the content of the above article, everyone should have more understanding of the causes of men’s non -ejaculation disease. There are more causes of men’s non -ejaculation. Therefore, it is recommended that male friends must have one in daily life.Good mentality, don’t have too much psychological pressure, combine work and rest.

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