What are the benefits of touching the stomach during pregnancy? 3 situations should not touch the belly

Many pregnant mothers often touch their stomachs unconsciously after pregnancy, as if they touch the baby’s face, and the happiness of being a mother is born.In fact, the correct stroke during pregnancy can not only experience the happiness of being a mother, but also have many benefits.Let’s take a look at the benefits of touching the stomach during pregnancy.

1. What are the benefits of touching the stomach during pregnancy

1. Exercise your baby’s tactile, promote the stroke of the stroke of the stroke of the brain development is the earliest touch between touching and the fetus. The correct way of touching the baby can exercise the baby’s skin’s touch, and feel the stimuli of the body through the tactile nervous nerve, thereby promoting the baby’s baby’s brainThe development of cells accelerates the intellectual development of the baby.

2. Promote the baby’s motor nerve development. When the pregnant woman touchs her belly, the fetus will move with the mother’s hands, which can stimulate the motivation of the fetus and promote its motor nerve development.And the baby who is often stroked by the mother during pregnancy, the response to the external environment is also more sensitive. After birth, the development of major sports such as turning over, grabbing, crawling, sitting, and walking can be obviously advanced.

3. Enhance the emotional mood between parent -child pregnant women to touch her belly, so that the fetus can feel the mother’s care, thereby increasing the relationship between parent -child.In addition, Xiaobian reminds pregnant mothers that it is best to stroke their stomachs with their dad while touched and talk to the fetus to deepen the family’s feelings.

2. It is not advisable to touch the stomach in 3 cases

1. In the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus was not very stable in the mother’s womb, and it was easily affected by external stimuli.If the mother frequently touch her belly at this time, it will easily cause contractions, which may cause harm to the baby, and there may be risk of abortion.

2. If the fetus has a premature birth, pregnant women should also pay attention not to touch their belly.Especially pregnant women with abortion and signs of premature birth, do not touch their stomachs, so as not to cause uterine contraction, and the chance of premature birth will be very high.

3. During the third trimester, pregnant women should not touch their belly. When they are in delivery, the baby’s fetal movement will be obvious, and the pregnant woman’s mood will be very anxious.If pregnant women frequently touch their belly, they will cause pseudo -contractions, which may cause premature birth.

Based on the above, there are many benefits to touching the stomach correctly during pregnancy, but pregnant mothers must also distinguish the situation.The safety and health of the baby are the most important.

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