What are the benefits of soaking your feet?Soaking your feet during pregnancy can drive cold

Can women soak their feet during pregnancy?Who can not soak their feet and have any precautions for soaking their feet?

First of all, many people’s questions: Can you soak your feet during pregnancy?

Expert answer: Yes!

In fact, women’s feet are very good.Soaking feet to drive the cold, women of Gonghan can insist on soaking their feet with hot water every night. Not only can they live blood, health and disease, but also drive the cold of the uterus.When soaking, you can use your hands with your hands to drive the cold of the Yongquan acupoint to drive the cold.Keep away from Gong Han and give your baby a warm "home" so that you can get pregnant!

Xiaobian suggested: When the women in the pregnancy are prepared, they can also add some wormwood to help promoting blood circulation, warming the palace, and enhancing resistance.But after pregnancy, try not to use the medicine to soak your feet, beware of the prevalence of abortion!In addition, the time to soak the feet must be controlled for about 20 minutes, and it cannot have a good effect for too long and too short.

Question 2, can diabetic women prepare feet for pregnancy?

Expert answer: Try to avoid.

Generally, the skin of people with diabetes is relatively fragile, not sensitive to the feet, and it cannot be very good for water temperature. Therefore, soaking feet in hot water is easy to scald. Once burned, it is not easy to be good, and it is easy to cause foot infection.

Xiaobian suggests: If women who prepare for pregnancy have diabetes, do not use feet to avoid the cold of the palace. You can use drinking some hot sugar water to warm up.

Questions III. Who else are not suitable for soaking your feet?

1. Patients with varicose veins or thrombosis are not suitable for soaking feet.People with these two diseases, soaking her feet will only increase the burden on her blood background.

2. People with moss are not suitable for soaking their feet.This kind of medical history is a fungal infection that does not stop itching with heat; in addition, hot water expands the capillaries of the foot, which is more likely to cause infection.

3. Children are not suitable for soaking feet.Children in the developmental period often use hot water feet to affect the development of the foot and increase the risk of flat feet.

Below, let’s talk about what are the precautions for soaking your feet during pregnancy?

It should not be too long to soak your feet, with 15-2030 minutes.When the feet are soaking, the blood will flow to the lower limbs, and the brain is prone to insufficient blood supply.Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and elderly people should temporarily stop soaking their feet and rest.Patients with diabetes have poor peripherals, and their families should try water temperature to prevent burns.

2. The best water temperature is 40 ℃ -50 ℃

Water temperature should not be too high.Many people feel that as long as it is within their own tolerance, the higher the water temperature is, the better, but it is not.The best water temperature for soaking your feet is below 50 ° C. It requires heat and not hot. Do not measure the water temperature with your hands. It is best to feel it with your feet.If the water temperature is too high, the blood vessels on the feet are easily expanded, and the blood in the body flows more to the lower limbs, but it will easily cause insufficient blood supply to the heart, brain, and kidney, which is not good for the body.

3. Do not have too little water

It is best to soak your feet with deeper wooden barrels or enamel pots with a larger bottom area, which can make your feet comfortably put in, and it is best to soak the water to the calf.

4. It is not advisable to make three hearts when soaking your feet

Do not read books and TV when making your feet, so that it is easy to achieve the effect of "fire returning to the Yuan".

5. Pay attention to hygiene cleaning

For example, if the foot barrel is not cleaned and thorough, or the antibacterial treatment is not performed in the barrel wall, the bacteria on the feet are easily left in the barrel wall, causing repeated infections on the feet, so it is important to choose a good bubble barrel.

6. Do not use Chinese medicine to soak your feet in menstruation during menstruation

The problems of women’s menstrual periods are more complicated. If the reasons cannot be discerned, they will use Chinese medicine to soak their feet. Not only will it not be able to soothe, but it may also aggravate symptoms such as dysmenorrhea.Therefore, if women want to use traditional Chinese medicine to soak their feet to achieve the purpose of treating menstruation such as dysmenorrhea, it is best to consult a doctor and use symptomatically according to their own situation.

7. It is not advisable to soak your feet within half an hour after meals

It affects the supply of blood from the stomach, and it will make people malnourished in the long run.After dinner, most of the blood flows to the digestive tract. If you soak your feet with hot water immediately after meals, the blood flowing to the digestive system will turn to the lower limbs, which will affect digestion and absorption and cause nutritional deficiency.Therefore, it is best to soak your feet half an hour after a meal.

8. Do not sleep immediately after soaking your feet

You can’t sleep immediately after soaking your feet.Rub the soles of your feet while your feet are hot, and put your socks in time to keep warm. When the heat of the whole body slowly decreases, it is best to fall asleep.

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