What are the benefits of hawthorn feeding cows?Can pregnant cows eat hawthorn?After reading it, you will know

Hawthorn is a common thing in daily life. It has the effect of sweet and sour appetizers. We can also use hawthorn in the process of raising cattle.So what are the benefits of feeding cattle with hawthorn?And if you are pregnant, can you still feed hawthorn?Let’s talk about this topic today, you can refer to it.

1. What are the benefits of hawthorn feeding cows?

1. Increase the amount of feeding.Hawthorn has a good food -consuming effect. Add appropriate hawthorn powder to the cattle feed or eat hawthorn directly to the beef, which can promote the digestion of beef, thereby enhancing the appetite of beef and increasing the amount of cattle.It has a certain effect of fattening.In addition, we can usually use fattening cows: fat and too much guarantee, which can improve the digestion and utilization rate of beef on the feed, and then grow faster and grow.

2. Promote growth.Hawthorn contains a certain protein, calcium, vitamin and other nutrients. Usually, it is appropriate to feed hawthorn for cows, which can play a role in supplementing nutrition and promoting growth.

3. Give Niu Jian stomach.Hawthorn is warm, and it is good for the condition of the spleen and stomach. After eating hawthorn, it can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the stomach of the beef tumor, prevent the timely in the gastric stomach, and then play a good effect on giving cattle health.In addition to hawthorn, we can usually use cows: Jianxia stomach is too guaranteed, which contains food -grade small soda, which is also used to give Niu Jian stomach.

4. Reduce the smell of feces.Hawthorn is a good natural food. Usually feed some hawthorn to be properly fed, which can reduce the addition of chemical ingredients in the feed, increase the conversion rate of beef on the feed, and reduce the odor of the steak and improve the breeding environment of the cow.Reasonable use of hawthorn can also reduce breeding costs.

2. Can pregnant cows eat hawthorn?

Try not to eat hawthorn as much as possible.Although hawthorn is a good traditional Chinese medicine, it can play a good spleen and appetizer, but hawthorn also has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. If you eat hawthorn for pregnant cows, it may lead to abortion of cows. In addition, the acidity of hawthorn is also strong.If you feed a lot of hawthorn for cows, it is easy to cause cows to produce premature or abortion, so try not to eat hawthorn for pregnant cows.

If the cows have a bad appetite after pregnancy, they can improve the feed matching and feed more green green feed for cows. Usually, they need to do a good job of breeding and management of cows to avoid disinfection and cleaning of cows.Reduce bacteria breeding.Disinfected drugs can be used: non -Kota Insurance. Its main component is over -hydrogen sulfate composite salt. It is used for good disinfection effects and is safe in ingredients. It will not affect pregnancy cows.

The above is about the topic of hawthorn feeding beef. When feeding the cow feed hawthorn, we can boil water for the cow to drink, or add some hawthorn directly to the feed. Be careful not to excess.

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