What are the benefits of eating leek in spring and what are the fresh ways of eating?

Spring breeze blew the face, return to the earth in spring, and the recovery of all things. After the beginning of the spring, many vegetables are listed on the market, and the price is much cheaper than before. After entering February, leafy vegetables are very popular.", I think the most suitable for eating this season is" leek ". Why?

First of all, the leek once recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica that it has the role of "aphrodisiac and raising the yang", so it is recorded in the book and it is also called "aphrodisiac grass", and the human body often feels "sleepy" in spring,This is the so -called "spring difficulties". At this time, if you eat some "leek" properly, it is still good for the body to help the Yang. The human yang is sufficient, and I will come up.

Secondly, nutritional research has proven that leeks contain a large number of "dietary fiber", which is a natural "intestinal agent". So people who often eat leeks will basically not cause "constipation".So how to eat leeks is the best?In addition to eating scrambled eggs, what are the fresh ways of eating, which can make us taste the umami flavor of leeks to the greatest extent?These 4 ways to eat are highly recommended, remember to make it at home.

After the leeks are cleaned, wash the knife and cut it into a small section for later use. After the squid is treated, the sword is changed to cut the squid and cut into a small section.After that, add the squid and stir -fry. When the stir -fry is about to mature, add the leeks, stir -fry, then add the salt, flavor the flavor, and then cook it for a while.Do n’t have too long time to stir -fry and chives. Basically, stir -fry on high heat for 10 minutes.

After washing the leeks, chop them for later use, put the eggs in the bowl, stir well and stir -fry the wok. At the same time, put the chives with chilled eggs, and put the shrimp skin together in the pot.After that, the noodles that are well -sized will be divided into uniform noodles in advance, and then rolled into a noodle -shaped shape. Pay attention to the size of the agent.Wrap into a chive box type. Remember to press the leeks around the leeks and keep the stuffing from flowing out. Finally, the hot oil inside the pot is turned on and fry the chive box.

Remove the fish head, internal organs, and after the fish gills, use a spoon to scrape the fish meat on the catfish, put it into the bowl for later use, and stir the pork belly to be bought into the meat filling.Then pour all the ingredients into the large basin, and simmer the eggs at the same time, add an appropriate amount of oyster sauce, eat salt, cooking wine and stuffing, finally make dumplings, boil water in the pot, cook dumplings in the pot, pay attention to cooking the dumplings, add the dumplings to addThree water, waiting for all dumplings to float and stomach, it means that you can eat it when you are familiar.

After the leeks are bought, they are washed, chopped and spare. Take a large bowl and bowl into 3 eggs. (The amount of eggs can be adjusted according to the amount of vegetables and the number of people who eat), and then the eggs are dispersed and mixed well., Add flour, eat the appropriate amount of salt, and shatter the leeks, mix well to make the egg liquid and chives be fully fused to form a egg batter, heat the oil in the pot, turn it into a low heat after opening the pan, dig it with a spoon to dig it with a spoonA spoonful of eggs and leek liquid, pour it into the pot. Pay attention to the oil more appropriately to avoid the pan, and then shake the pot when you fry it. Try to make the egg liquid form a round cake shape in the pan.You can use the horse spoon to spread the egg liquid flattened, and then it is enough. After frying, the spoon is turned over and fry the other side.

The leeks made of this are very delicious.Although it is delicious, it should be noted that "don’t eat too much", because leek has the effect of raising the sun, and spring is also a period of human functional function, especially children’s firepower.Fire, cause toothache, or tongueache. In addition, people with fire are not suitable for eating too much leeks, which is just right.

The "innovation" method of these 4 kinds of leeks is a bit complicated, but it can allow us to taste the umami taste of spring leek. Generally speaking, eating leek in spring is still better than the disadvantages., I recommend eating leek, do you like to eat it too?

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