What about the uterine scar diverticulum?Can I get pregnant?

The uterine scar diverticulum refers to surgery on the surface of the uterus. For example, after the cesarean section or uterine fibroids are dug, the scar is healed, and the local healing is poor, leaving a gap to form a diverticulum.

In fact, the uterine diverticulum refers to a small porcus in the scar of the uterus. This small paddy is very easy to accumulate water. When women come to menstruation, the endometrium will fall off, and the menstrual blood will flow down the uterine cavity.If there is no uterine diverticulum menstruation, it can flow out very smoothly, but when the menstrual blood passes through this small pudding, some menstrual blood will be temporarily stored in the pudding, the menstrual blood accumulates, and then slowly flows out.The clinical manifestation is abdominal pain, poor bleeding, and endless menstruation, which eventually leads to prolonged menstrual period.

The uterine diverticulum is mainly during surgery, the wound at the uterus is poorly healed and the gap should not be left.The current treatment, including drug treatment and surgical treatment, can only improve clinical symptoms through oral drugs.Drug therapy includes oral short-acting contraceptives, such as Mom Fulong, You Siming, You Siyue, Da Ying-35, etc. During the medication, the symptoms of endless menstruation caused by the uterine diverticulum can be significantly improved.However, infertility due to oral contraceptives, if there is a fertility requirement, it is not suitable.

Whether the uterine diverticulum can be pregnant is closely related to the size of the diverticulum. If the diverticulum is not large, you can try natural pregnancy.If the diverticulum is relatively large, the risk faces after pregnancy is increased.

Because the uterine diverticulum is prone to scar pregnancy, placenta implantation, threatened abortion, aborted abortion, uterine rupture, etc.Therefore, it is recommended to check the patient who is out of the uterine diverticulum if you are preparing to get pregnant, you must go to the hospital for examination, and take a suitable treatment method based on the test results.

If the uterine diverticulum is relatively large, it can be treated with hysteroscopy surgery to partially remove the diverticulum to improve the uterine environment.If it is a relatively serious patient, there are also fertility requirements that may need to be repaired by uterine diverticulum.One year after surgery, the inspection is well recovered, and you can get pregnant.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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