What about skin itching during pregnancy?Dermatologists summarized 3 reasons

Experts in this article: Xie Shuxia (Associate Professor of Dermatology at the Third Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University)

During the ten -month pregnancy, the possibility of expectant mothers encountering itching of the skin is greater than a cold.On the one hand, I dare not apply the ointment that I have prepared at home, and I can only endure it; on the other hand, it itchy and afraid of other problems, which may also affect the baby and can only be tangled.

Der dermatologists tell you, the itch of expectant mothers, which should be paid attention and which can be relieved.

Itching of the skin was a high -frequency event that happened to the body.Therefore, skin changes in skin itching and rash during pregnancy, and some skin problems that have nothing to do with pregnancy must be considered first.

For example, in summer, the most common is the skin itching caused by mites in the mat. It is characterized by many edema erythema on the skin, and some even blister in the middle, and this has nothing to do with whether it is pregnancy.Similarly, it is more important to blame and expose the sun.

Eczema is also a common problem for itching, but it is easy to worsen during pregnancy.The secretion of sweat glands during pregnancy increases, the number of expectant mothers increases, and it is easier to grow into a mule and itching. In the middle and late pregnancy, some pregnant women’s abdominal walls appear stretch marks and mild itching may also appear.

There is no need to worry about these issues, just deal with it accordingly.

But we still need to pay attention to some skin diseases that are closely related to pregnancy and puzzle.Some of these skin diseases may have little impact on the health of pregnant women, but they may cause the fetal palace distress, premature birth and death, and some may not have a serious impact on the fetus, but it may endanger the health of pregnant women.

Because the fetus has not been completely taken in the first trimester (three months of pregnancy), and the placenta development is not complete, the possibility of peculiar skin disease during pregnancy is relatively small.Most of the peculiar skin diseases during pregnancy occur in and in the middle of pregnancy (more than 12 weeks).

Pregnancy polymorrhoids

Good time: first pregnancy.

Impact: The most common skin diseases in pregnancy are about 1: 160 among pregnant women. It is more common in those with multi -fetal twins and fetal overweight. Generally, it can be relieved naturally after childbirth. The mother and fetus are good.The general course of the disease is about 6 weeks, and the pregnancy will not recur.This disease is a self -limited disease. It can be relieved naturally after childbirth, which has no effect on the health of the mother.

Features: The cause is still unclear, and it may be a delayed surreal.The clinical rash can be diverse, mainly red -like pimples and plaques. There can also be pimples, small blisters, target erythema, ring or multi -ring wind dumplings, which can be fused into pieces.For a few days to 1 week, fine desquamation and scabs may occur.

The distribution of rash is very characteristic, and often starts in the lower abdomen stretch marks and its surroundings. There is no rash around the umbilicus.A few days later, it extended to the hips and stocks. Some patients could also affect the upper arm, even the forearm and both legs. Generally, breasts, heads, palms, nails, oral and genitals are not affected, and they have no systemic systemic symptoms.

Patients consciously itching and affecting sleep.

Treatment: The main symptoms of itching are mainly used. You can use the cloakstone washing agent and mint itching. If necessary, you can take the first generation of anti -group amine, such as poker sensitivity, benzene, etc.hormone.

Adoption of pregnancy

Good time: often between 12 and 36 weeks of pregnancy, and the peak period is 20-34 weeks.

Impact: The incidence of this disease in pregnant women is 1: 300. The reason is unknown. Most of them are stiff constitutions for pregnant women, similar to eczema seizures. The first pregnancy generally does not suffer from this disease.This disease generally does not cause serious damage to the fetus and pregnant women, and pregnant women and fetuses are good.Generally, after 3 weeks of childbirth, the temporary pigmentation is reserved, but it will still occur during each pregnancy.

Features: Mostly manifested pimples with light red or normal skin tone. It is about 3 mm diameter to mung beans. It is scattered and distributed.There are hair rash.

Itchy itching, especially at night.

If the last two months of pregnancy, it is more common in the 2 weeks before giving birth. It is called a delayed hairstyle pregnancy prurites. At this time, the earliest rash often appears on the stretch marks of the abdominal wall.The rash can spread quickly to the whole body.Due to severe itching, most of the scratching marks, blood scabs and skin moss can be seen.

Treatment: This disease responds to good treatment and is mild. As long as the general local moisturizes and itching, it can be severely used to take anti -group amine drugs such as oral pole sensor.

Terrigidal folliculitis in pregnancy

Good time: 4th to 9 months of pregnancy.

Impact: It may be an acne -like damage induced by hormones.The fading within 2 to 4 weeks after childbirth has no effect on the health of the mother and the fetus.

Features: A large number of hair follicles, red pimples and hair follicles, are very similar to acne.It can be widely distributed in the trunk and limbs, accompanied by obvious itching.

Treatment: It can be treated with general topical drugs such as glyphosite washing agent.

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