What about pregnancy?

I am now 10 weeks +4, and the reason is so clear, because it is the most painful period of pregnancy.Remember that only when you are pregnant, you can’t smell the taste of the meal, vomit repeatedly, and lose ten pounds. Then because it has been nearly 6 years, the feeling of pain has been forgotten. Now I am in the center of pain.It also reminds yourself how difficult it is to give birth.

My pregnancy started from 6 weeks. It was a bit dull. Although I felt that eating my appetite was not good at 4-5 weeks, I didn’t have much idea to get pregnant.By 6 weeks, I felt wrong and went to the hospital for examination. Dr. B -ultrasound said that he had fetal heart, which meant that the child had to start competing with his mother for nutrition, and the pregnancy was about to start.

With the fear of pregnancy, I opened the pain of pain.EssenceEssence

The first is the sensitivity to the smell, the taste of all fried dishes, and the charming fireworks. In my nose, it has become a poison of murderous people. When I smell it, I will be dizzy, nauseous, and nauseous.I started the mask without leaving. I hid in my small room in Chinese food or dinner time. The most outrageous one was 3:30 in the morning. Maybe which neighbor had to get up early to eat, I was awakened by the smell of oil fume.As a result, there is no way to fall asleep, nauseous to Tianming;

The second is food. At first it was soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, and heavy flavored dishes. When the entrance, the taste in the mouth became sour and bitter.The taste of a variety of gastric acid.In another week, any fruits, vegetables, and rice can not be eaten.

The third is the stomach and stomach. Until now, my stomach seems to be unable to digest at any time. The food I eat is stuck in my throat, extending from my throat to the stomach., But I ca n’t spit it out, I just feel that the huge food granules shake the place where I swallowed, and I ca n’t swallow it.And the stomach feels that it has been rolling, jumping, the position below the 4 fingers between the two chests has been swollen, and the fingers pressing with your fingers have obvious pain. Only by trying to find a way to snore, let vomiting, and let the stomach feel short, can you feel short -lived and feel short.peaceful.

Then, I ushered in hypoglycemia. I ca n’t eat carbohydrates or fruits. There is a bowl of porridge every day. I have to spit twice during the day to night.I felt panicked when I got up, and this day has lasted for 21 days.

Every day, spit out foam, and spit out the stinky saliva for a moment. This day has spent 30 days.

I ca n’t eat every day. Each rice grains are like rolling knife in my throat, repeated friction, and pain. This day has passed 35 days.

Every day, there are several days, watching the clock, boiling, I hope everyone can pass the pregnancy period smoothly.EssenceEssence

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