What "red lines" are delineated?How to strengthen recruitment supervision?

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 30th. Question: What "red lines" are delineated?How to strengthen recruitment supervision?—— Focus on the management regulations of the first human resources service agency in my country

Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhou Yuan and Jiang Lin

On June 30, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the "Regulations on the Management of Human Resources Services Institutions", which is the first system of regulating human resources service agencies and related activities in my country, which will be implemented from August 1, 2023.

For false recruitment and personal information leaks that the public cares about, what specifications are stipulated in human resources service agencies?What services are the "red lines"?How will it strengthen the supervision of the organization?The reporter interviewed the person in charge of the Human Resources Flow Management Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

To further strengthen management and safeguard the rights of workers through legislation

The human resources market including Zhilian Recruitment, Forever Worry -Free, BOSS Direct Appointment, and 58 City Recruitment has become the main channel for employees to job hunting and employer recruitment.As of the end of 2022, there were 63,000 human resources service agencies across the country and 10.42 million employees. At that time, the industry provided various types of employment services for 310 million workers, providing professional support for 52.68 million employers.

Why is this regulation introduced at this time?The person in charge of the Human Resources Flow Management Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said that at present, the order of human resources market order is generally smooth and orderly.Human resources flow configuration provides strong support.

At the same time, with the rapid growth of the number of operating entities, the form of market activities is becoming more and more diverse. Illegal jobs, false recruitment, leaking personal information, illegal charges, etc. have occurred from time to time.Management of resource service agencies and regulating human resources service activities.

The promulgation of the provisions is an urgent need to optimize the business environment of the human resources market, ensure that workers and human resources service agencies, etc., and it is also an important measure to better give full play to the role of human resources service industry service employment, service talents, and service development.

Adhere to the "red line" of the problem -oriented delineation of service

What human resources service activities are specified?The above -mentioned person in charge stated that it stipulates that there are outstanding problems in the human resources service industry in recruitment information management, personal information protection, and operating charges. Focusing on improving management efficiency and standardizing market order, delineation of the "red line" of service activities to carry out service activitiesAnd determine the relevant legal responsibility–

The service agencies are required to establish a recruitment information management system, and review the authenticity and legality of the materials provided by the employer in accordance with the law; clarify the complaint report and disposal method, and stipulate that if the service agency finds that illegal activities such as false recruitment mayTimely verification, suspension or termination of services.

It is stipulated that service agencies shall not have forgery, modification, and transfer of human resources service licenses, provide professional intermediary services for employers without legal licenses, and introduce employment such as minors under the age of 16.

Clarify the method and principles of personal information, determine that collecting personal information should be limited to the minimum scope of the purpose of job hunting, requiring service agencies to establish mechanisms such as personal information protection, personal information security monitoring and early warningIllegal acts such as information.

The regulations shall not provide individuals to explain the service costs other than the service items in the name of recruitment services, and shall not be induced by various names, forcing individuals to participate in loans, shares, and fundraising; they must not disrupt the human resources market price order.

Strengthen law enforcement supervision and promote the healthy development of the industry

In order to strengthen the supervision and management of human resources service agencies, it stipulates that the management methods such as daily inspection, credit management, and social supervision have been further standardized.Comprehensive management system with organic integration of supervision and co -coexistence with all parties with departments and parties.

"We will guide the post -event supervision methods of innovation in various places, explore new types of supervision methods such as credit management, increase daily management and special law enforcement, severely crack down on various types of violations of laws and regulations, and standardize the implementation of the cancellation of the cancellation of human resources service permits.Maintain a good order in the market and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of various subjects such as workers. "The person in charge said.

The person in charge said that the guidance and training of the human -social and social departments of various places will be strengthened to ensure that the regulations are truly implemented in place. At the same time, the implementation of the regulations will further stimulate market vitality, optimize the business environment, improve the industry’s positive incentives and survival of the fittest.Mechanism continues to expand the scale of the industry and enhance service capabilities.The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will adhere to the equal emphasis on promoting the development of the industry and implementing effective supervision, continue to improve the standardization level of the human resources market, and promote the rapid and healthy development of the industry.

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