What?The thickness of the endometrium can affect pregnancy?

Whether the endometrium can reach a certain thickness and the embryo tolerance is the key to pregnancy. The endometrium is the soil of life. The endometrium thickness is too thin, just like saline -alkali land, barrenThe ground, muddy, these two situations are relatively unfavorable to the embryo’s bed.

The endometrium is one of the most differentiated tissues in human body. The main role is to form menstruation during pregnancy. Specific hyperplasia during pregnancy provides nutrition for embryonic growth and development.The thickness of the endometrium is not a fixed value, which will change with the changes in the menstrual cycle.Generally speaking, the endometrium of menstruation is thinner, and the menstrual period is thicker before the menstruation.


Uterine endometrial thickness changes

The endometrium has gone through three different stages of menstrual period, hyperplasia, and secretion periods that have experienced the whole process from falling to growth, becoming fertile, and then to fall off.The thickness of the specific endometrium is as follows:

Menstrual period: The endometrium function layer falls off and retains the base layer;

Period of hyperplasia: Day 6-14, the endometrium thickness from 0.5mm to 3-5mm;

Detonic period: On the 15th to 28th day of menstruation, the endometrium is 10mm thick.


Endometrial assessment

Clinically, vaginal ultrasound is often used to monitor the thickness of the endometrium or even the blood flow signal of the endometrium as a simple and reliable method for assessing the endometrium.The endometrium thickness before ovulation day should be used as an evaluation indicator, and the range should be 8-14mm.It is generally believed that the power planting power of embryo planting will be significantly increased when the endometrium is greater than equal to 8mm.

When the diameter of the superior follicle reaches 18-22mm, the thickness of the endometrium should reach 8 to 14mm.


Endometrial related complications

If the endometrium is stimulated by estrogen for a long time (that is, it continues to grow), lack of progesterone confrontation. Over time, the endometrium will proliferate, and there is even a tendency to cancer, such as the endometrium atypical hyperplasia. It is called the endometrium endometrium.Proliferation.


Treatment of endometrial hyperplasia

For the treatment of endometrial hyperplasia, first of all, the cause must be clear. If it is accompanied by polycystic ovary syndrome, ovarian functional tumor, and other endocrine dysfunction, it should be treated with treatment;EssenceIf the endometrium hyperplasia is not accompanied by atypical, it is treated with progesterone drugs or surgery.

When the thickness of the endometrium is less than 6mm, the pregnancy rate decreases significantly.

At present, there are many treatment methods for endometrial thin. Most patients will have curative effect. It does not rule out that the endometrium of individual patients does not have a "reaction".

1. female, progesterone

2. Promoting gonadotropin release hormone antagonist

3. growth hormone

4, anticoagulation drug


6, aromatic enzyme inhibitors

7, citrus citrus sore

8. Improving the endometrium capacity of traditional Chinese medicine


How to eat the endometrium?

The common cause of endometrium is insufficient estrogen. You can eat more foods supplemented by estrogen, such as soy products, but you need to point out that their biological activity is low. Some patients use soy milk instead of drinking water.It can cause indigestion, bloating, and so on.

In addition, you can also eat more meat such as valley, potato, lamb, black chicken, etc. It is also recommended to eat high -protein foods such as eggs, chicken, etc.Dry fruit is not taboo, you can eat at any time.Those with less qi and blood deficiency are used to nourish qi and nourish blood. Walnuts are warm, jujube and longan nourish qi nourishing blood.

Eat less fatigue and easy to stagnate food.Tian snails, clams, crabs, and crickets are partial, and they should eat less.The rape, kelp, cucumber, amaranth, amaranth, eggplant, chives, loofah, winter melon, bamboo shoots, and lotus root of vegetables are all cool. It is better to eat less before and after menstruation.

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