Well -known supermarkets accident!Netizen: Too disgusting

Sweet and refreshing coconut water

It can be said that it is the new "Internet celebrity" nowadays

This day is getting hotter

Drink too much in white water, it tastes no taste

Drink too much in drinks, it’s not good for your body

So coconut water

It has also become a "drink" that many friends like

Not long ago

A neighborhood in Fuzhou, Fujian

I feel unwell after drinking coconut water

Take a look at the bottom of the coconut

The whole person is stunned

what happened?


Mr. Lin from Fuzhou said

9:30 pm on May 31st

He in a well -known local supermarket

I bought a 9.9 yuan coconut green

I finished drinking that night

the next morning

Mr. Lin feels very uncomfortable

So he picked up coconut

Plastic packaging covering outside

Then I found that the bottom of the coconut was covered with a large amount of mold

Red and black

Even spread to the side of the coconut

"All coconut greens in the supermarket are wrapped in color plastic packaging bags outside. Consumers cannot see the surface of the coconut surface at all."


Mr. Lin came to the supermarket with coconut coconut

Coordinate with merchants

It is required to follow the Food Safety Law

The minimum compensation is 1,000 yuan, and the merchant is rejected

"The staff in the supermarket told me that I could only bring small tickets and coconuts to the store to refund or exchange goods, but they could not receive 1,000 yuan compensation, because ‘fruits belong to primary agricultural products and do not meet the compensation standards’.".

Mr. Lin said

Later he came to the coconut area again

Check the inspection one by one on the coconut on sale

I found that many coconuts have mold at the bottom of the coconut

According to the Straits Metropolis Daily

After receiving the feedback

Reporters came to the coconut area involved in the event to visit

I saw the whole bag of coconut green

Put a box of boxes on the ground

The reporter noticed

The box is displayed on the box

The delivery date is May 18th, it needs to be kept refrigerated


There are more than 30 bulk coconuts on the box

Each coconut surface is wrapped in plastic packaging bags

Only show the bottom

The reporter randomly picked up 10 coconut to check

Among them, the bottom of 4 coconuts has mold phenomenon


Reporter as a consumer

Ask the waiter in the fruit and vegetable called the heavy area

The waiter said

If the purchased coconut is deteriorated

You can bring a small ticket voucher and coconut coconut

Go to the first floor service desk to return and exchange

However, the specific refund procedure or compensation must be visited to the service desk for consultation

The reporter came to the service desk on the first floor again

Staff said

Customers can carry coconut and small ticket vouchers

Come to the service desk for refund application application

But if you eat it, you are unwell

The person in charge of the fruit and vegetable area needs to be solved

But when the reporter further consults

When the contact information of the person in charge of the fruit and vegetable area

The staff member said

"The person in charge should not be in the store,

We have no way to provide contact information at will."

What is the harm of moldy coconut consumption?

The Third People’s Hospital of Fujian Province

Nutritionist Chen Huiyun said

Coconut is superfinal and moldy outside, but unfortunately it cannot be imported

In the hot summer

If the storage conditions are not good

Coconut skin and flesh

There will be a large number of coconut poisoning and fake monolithium growth and reproduction

Consumers are eating by mistake

There may be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, uncomfortable gastrointestinal tract, etc.

Serious or even possible

There will be symptoms of unclear consciousness and shock

"When buying coconut, choose the skin with white and moldless and complete coconut. In addition, many merchants now sell pre -opening coconuts, and try not to buy. Because coconuts after opening are easy to breed bacteria, consumers can not know it.How long has you spoke at room temperature. "

in life

If the citizen is not careful

Buy a spoiled, inferior food

How should we protect their rights?

Fuzhou Consumer Rights Protection Commission

Secretary -General Wu Bo suggestion

Consumers find that food deteriorates

The first thing is to retain relevant evidence

Need to keep the small ticket and the relevant evidence purchased at the place

Second, if it is harmful to consumers’ physical health

Can go to the hospital for medical treatment

And show the hospital diagnostic certificate

Transfer from: Straits Metropolis Daily (Reporter/Roddan), please contact this public account if there is infringement.

Source: Guangdong Public DV site

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