Weak essence, can’t you ask for a baby?

Ms. Chen and her husband have been married for 2 years, but their stomachs have been "no movement."The husband and wife were already married late, and both sides were anxious. The two took the time to come to our college’s reproductive department for inspection.Ms. Chen checked everything was normal; but her husband was not so lucky, and it was checked that there was mild weak sperm.

In recent years, the decline in male sperm quality has become the reason why more and more men’s adults have become, and it has also become a hot spot for the attention ofrology and reproductive.Let’s talk about the "weak essence".

Inception of weak sperm disease

The strength of the sperm movement is directly related to the reproduction of human beings. Only the sperm of normal forward movement (that is, running forward) can reach the belly of the fallopian tube pot, combining with eggs to form fertilized eggs.Weak sperm also known as sperm vitality low, and the proportion of sperm in the medium -to -front movement of semen parameters is <32%, which can be called weak sperm disease.

There are generally the following reasons for weak sperm disease.

Long -term abstinence and non -ejaculation will cause high sperm density in semen, poor sperm activity, and many dead sperm. This is normal.Therefore, you should abstain from the semen for 2 to 7 days before checking the semen.

Excessive testosterone in endocrine factor may inhibit the movement of sperm; the level of prolactin in the sperm plasma is negatively related to sperm activity; when the estradiol level in the serum increases, the sperm vitality decreases.

Chronic inflammation epididymia, vasia tubes, seminal vesicles, and prostate occur acute and chronic inflammation, which will reduce sperm movement ability.

Sacrifice varicose veins due to testicular and epididymal blood circulation disorders, which causes its local temperature to rise, the accumulation of toxic substances, thereby reducing sperm vitality.

Immune factors Anti -sperm antibody can inhibit the vitality of sperm and reduce sperm movement and penetrating ability.

Dead sperm symptoms refer to the decrease in sperm survival, and more than 40%of sperm deaths in semen are dead sperm disease.Men will feel that there is no hope of giving birth to dead sperm disease. In fact, dead sperm disease can be cured.

Shao sperm disease is a common cause of male infertility. The ability to produce sperm in testicles decreases, resulting in a decrease in the number of sperm, and the chance of meeting with eggs is significantly reduced.

In addition, a few young people mistakenly think that increasing the number of sexual life can increase fertility opportunities, which has caused young sperm disease.

Can weak sperm disease be cured?

There are many treatments for weak sperm, with a cure rate of about 80%.

First, find out the cause.If it is caused by acute and chronic inflammation of epididymal, vasia, seminal vesicles, and prostate, it is treated with antibacterial drugs; if it is caused by the sperm vein, it can be corrected if necessary; if it is caused by immune and endocrine factors, the corresponding drug treatment is givenIf the prolactin level is high, the bromide can be used.

Secondly, Chinese medicine believes that kidney is the innate foundation, and the Lord "hides essence".The key to sperm and the absence of sperm lies in kidney yin, and the strength of sperm activity is the kidney yang.If you are inherently inadequate, or if you have a long illness, or excessive housework, you can cause yin and yang deficiency in the kidneys.Therefore, patients can also use Chinese medicine to discriminate syndrome.

The most commonly used drugs in the clinic are Zuo Carinine oral liquid (improvement of cell metabolism), zinc glucose tablets, vitamin E soft capsules, etc.;To.After 1 month of drug treatment, you must go to the hospital to review the routine of semen and check the treatment effect.

More importantly, patients should develop good habits, go to bed early and get up early, eat light diet, quit smoking and alcohol, stay up late, do not masturbate, and exercise moderately.

The overall treatment time of weak sperm disorders varies from person to person. Generally, it is about 85 days. The sperm quality can be used normally.If the above treatment effect is not good, you can choose to do artificial insemination to increase the natural pregnancy rate (up to 15%to 20%); if artificial insemination is not pregnant 3 to 6 times, consider test tube baby pregnancy.


If the wife of patients with mild moderate weak sperm disease is pregnant and childbirth, as long as the man does not have abnormalities in chromosome, he can bred a healthy and normal baby.However, if the severe deformed sperm disease is not treated, it will not only lead to a low pregnancy rate, but the wife may have a miscarriage even if they are pregnant.

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