Water sample leucorrhea may be an early signal of tumors!Women have 4 vaginal abnormalities and seek medical treatment in time

The patient Xiao Zheng asked:

Recently, I found that my leucorrhea is abnormal, which is tofu -like and accompanied by itching. I suspect that the hygiene is not done well, but I am not sure. How can the leucorrhea abnormal cause it?How to treat it?

Lands are a barometer that reflects the health of women’s reproductive health. Many women in their lives have been disturbed by leucorrhea.However, not all leucorrhea changes are abnormal.Today, Xiaojiu will tell you which performance may be caused by disease.

Lands are a vaginal secretion. The ingredients contain mucosal exudation, mucus secreted by cervical and vestibular glandular gland, and pendant epidermal cells.White blood cells and so on.Under normal circumstances, leucorrhea is white, occasionally yellow, with a certain sticky flocculent liquid.

However, women do not underestimate ordinary leucorrhea, it has a lot of effects.

Natural protection barrier

Can resist the invasion of foreign pathogens and maintain the balance of bacteria;


It can form a moist environment, as a "lubricant" to reduce friction of the front and rear walls, avoid damage, and make the mucosa more flexible;

Auxiliary conception

The increase in leucorrhea during ovulation will help better combine sperm with eggs to help conceive.In addition, by observing leucorrhea changes, women’s ovulation periods can also be judged.

Health indicator

Some gynecological diseases are diagnosed by white, and women with abnormal leucorrhea need to conduct routine leucorrhea.

Not all leucorrhea changes are abnormal, such as after menstrual periods, the amount of leucorrhea is small; before ovulation, the leucorrhea will increase, clear, and thin, similar to egg white, and can also be brushed.It is thick, the color is milky or yellow, and it is not easy to draw.

In addition, women’s leucorrhea during pregnancy will increase, and women’s leucorrhea after menopause will be significantly reduced.

However, if the leucorrhea appears in the following situations, it is necessary to check it in time.

1. Yellow -green, sour odor

If white with yellow -green, sour odor, is foam, accompanied by symptoms such as itching, pain, burning, etc., is usually the manifestation of trichomonas vaginitis. At this time, the mucosa is severe.Check to help confirm the diagnosis.

2. Water -like leucorrhea, blood

When there is a water -like leucorrhea, you must be alert to the patent water or lesions of the fallopian tubes, especially women with infertility symptoms. They need to perform gynecological, leucorrhea routine and yin super examination. They are usually caused by tissue lesions. Common cervical cancer and fallopian tubesCancer, uterine fibroids and other diseases.

If you have blood, you should be alert to cervical cancer, uterine body cancer, cervical polyps, uterine fibroids, cervicitis and other lesions.Menpoopopractive women find that white belt has blood, and more need to exclude endometrium or cervical lesions. Generally, cervical scraping, Yin Chao and other examinations are confirmed;

3. Tofu slag

Tofu -like leucorrhea is an important feature of mold vaginitis. It is usually white and thick, with tofu dregs, accompanied by symptoms such as burning, itching, and dysuria. In severe cases, the skin epidermis falls off.Ulcers can be confirmed by routine leucorrhea.

4, purulent, pus and blood samples

Virus, purulent leucorrhea is accompanied by burning sensation, itching, edema and congestion, and the leucorrhea will even flow out of the cervix. It may be acute cervical inflammation. It is recommended to perform routine leucorrhea, gonorrhea, and chlamydia detection.If purulent or purulent leucorrhea appears repeatedly, it may be chronic cervic pipe mucositis.

The abnormal leucorrhea will affect the physical and mental health of women. If you don’t want to have problems, you can try these methods.

Avoid basin bath: Pot bath can easily lead to retrograde infections and cause gynecological diseases. It is best to use shower;

Pay attention to underwear hygiene: To avoid washing with other clothes, it is best to dry it under the sun;

Do not use medicine casually: Do not use drugs or cleaning liquids, etc., which is easy to destroy the acid -base balance, leading to a decrease in antibacterial ability and cause leucorrhea abnormalities;

Pay attention to the method of wiping: Washing your hands before defecation, and after the defecation order, you should reduce the infection from the hand or anus after going to the afterbing.

Keep your private parts dry and hygienic: Wear cotton panties, do not wear tight pants, and keep dry and ventilated; do not share towels with others, and keep dry after using the towel.

Land abnormalities usually conduct routine leucorrhea inspections. Do you know how to look at the routine leucorrhea checklist?

If some microorganisms, such as trichomoniasis, mold, and bacteria are displayed as "+", which is positive, it means that infection occurs.Check the white blood cells and cleanliness in the examination form to determine whether it is an important indicator of vaginitis, which can be compared with the reference value.

If it is mild, you usually do not need to be too nervous, follow the doctor’s advice; if the gap with the reference value is too large, or accompanied by abnormal symptoms, you must find the doctor in time to explain the situation and not delay the treatment.

Whether the leucorrhea is normal is closely related to the physical and mental health of women. If it is found that abnormal leucorrhea is found, you must attract attention and seek medical treatment in time.

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