Want to play mobile phones during pregnancy and don’t want to hurt the fetus?Several effective methods should keep in mind pregnant women

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Jingjing was pregnant for 4 months, because her pregnancy response was serious, so she resigned and returned home to raise her fetus at less than 3 months of pregnancy.At present, people were inseparable from their mobile phones, and they felt boring when they returned home Jingjing. They kept playing with their mobile phones all day long.The family was afraid that she had radiation to play with her mobile phone and affected the development of the fetus, but Jingjing couldn’t control herself.In fact, many pregnant women have also happened. Many people have been said to have been playing with mobile phones during pregnancy, saying that it is not good for the fetus.Does the pregnant woman feel when they are playing with their mobile phones?It is really necessary for expectant mothers to understand.

Will pregnant women have radiation when playing mobile phones?

This is a point that all pregnant women want to know. Radiation is actually divided into ionizing radiation and non -ionizing radiation, and the mobile phones and computers we say are right and non -electrical radiation.It is worth sure that ionizing radiation has great harm to the human body. Generally, pregnant women are prohibited from contacting such radiation, such as X -rays.As for whether non -electrostatic radiation will affect the normal development of the fetus, or even cause malformations, there are still controversy.However, no studies have shown that non -electro -ionizing radiation can cause abortion and fetal malformations in pregnant women.The radiation generated by mobile phones and computers is actually very small. If pregnant women use appropriately, there is no problem.However, in order to be more insurance, we recommend that pregnant women should minimize the time of using mobile phones as much as possible in the first three months of pregnancy.

How does pregnant women use mobile phones more safer?

Although the radiation generated by mobile phones is relatively small, this does not mean that pregnant women can play as if they want to play. If you want to hurt yourself and your fetus, these methods of using your mobile phone should still be learned.

1. Reduce the time to play mobile phones

Although the radiation of mobile phones is small, it will affect the somewhat affected if the pregnant woman has played too long.Even if the fetus is not affected, the eyes and cervical spine of pregnant women will not be able to bear it.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women play as little mobile phone as much as possible, and they can use books or chat with friends instead of playing mobile phones.

2. Do not hang your phone on your chest

Many people hang their mobile phones with ropes on their chests in order to use convenience or prevention.This approach seems to be safe. It is not known that it will cause harm to the human body. It is best not to do this for pregnant women.Because even if the mobile phone is in a standby state, electromagnetic wave radiation will be surrounded.Although its harm is not connected when it is connected, it will also affect it for a long time.

3. Do not charging mobile phones

Many people in life are anxious to play mobile phones, so they will also play when charging. This is really not desirable.Because playing mobile phones during charging, it will be prone to danger and hidden safety hazards.In addition, when charging, the radiation generated by the phone is larger than usual.If pregnant women do this for a long time, it will cause adverse effects on the fetus.

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