Want to know if you are pregnant?Women have these 5 symptoms, congratulations on your pregnancy

Pregnancy is sometimes sometimes a woman, but as ordinary women, we can know from the beginning of pregnancy.Usually, in the early days of pregnancy, it is difficult to notice that we are pregnant, so there will be accidents that cause miscarriage. How can we know whether we are pregnant? In factEssence

1. The breast changes

Generally, in the early stages of pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body, many female friends’ breasts will have obvious symptoms, such as slight pain, and sometimes it will be accompanied by some fine pain in the nipples, and our areola is stillThere will be a deepening of color, and a few women with early pregnancy will have brown nodules, which is the Montech nodule in medicine.

2. Poor appetite decreased appetite

Due to the reasons for pregnancy, some women will have a poor appetite, do not feel any food, ca n’t eat things, and occasionally feel nausea and vomiting, and accompanied by more severe fatigue symptoms.Especially if you can’t smell any oil fume, the phenomenon of smelling a similar taste is very obvious.

3. Symptoms of menopause occur

Our normal menstrual cycle is between 25-32 days. If it exceeds the normal menstrual period for a week, everyone will pay attention to see if they are pregnant.You can buy a pregnancy test stick for inspection. If you are really pregnant, you must go to the hospital to check more clearly in time.Hospitals generally use B -ultrasound to determine whether there are signs of pregnancy.

4. With a small amount of vaginal bleeding

When the menstruation did not come, a small amount of bleeding occurred in the vagina was likely to be pregnant.This signs may be a small amount of bleeding caused by our fertilized eggs into our endometrium. This process generally occurs after 6 days of fertilization, and the color of the blood becomes pale pink and reddish brown. Generally, there will be 1 in bleeding.-2 days; if the amount of bleeding is relatively large, you must go to the hospital for examination in time, which is likely to be signs of miscarriage.

5. frequent urination

In the early days of our pregnancy, our bladder was squeezed to a certain extent due to the continuous increase of the uterus, and the phenomenon of frequent urination occurred.But in the later period, as the uterus continued to expand, our frequent symptoms of urine also disappeared, because the uterus had crossed our pelvic cavity and no longer forced our bladder to disappear.

There are related symptoms related to early pregnancy. If you suspect that you can go to the hospital for examination in time if you are suspected of being pregnant, it is convenient for us to adjust our body in the later stage. It is also conducive to timely nutritional nutrition and help him grow up healthy.

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