Vaginitis during pregnancy, most mothers are not treated in order to protect their fetuses, but the consequences are more serious!

More and more modern women are suffering from breeding problems, and some even make people feel difficult to open up.

There are several expectant mothers around me who have worried about vaginitis during pregnancy.There are those who take the initiative to go to the hospital, and have their own willingness to Baidu …

Pregnant mothers are worried about whether vaginitis will affect the health of the fetus during pregnancy, but she is embarrassed to go with her family because of this.

Today, Xiaobian will be frank and talk to pregnant mothers talk about vaginitis during pregnancy to relieve doubts and bring convenience.

The vagina, which is the birth canal of fetal delivery in the future. Due to the changes in hormone levels during pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman’s body, including the vaginal environment, will change.This time is prone to vaginitis, especially moldy vaginitis.

Mold vaginitis

The incidence of fungal vaginitis is more than 10 times that of non -pregnant women among pregnant women. This is due to the increased acidity of the vaginal environment of pregnant women and moist vulva, which provides good breeding conditions for bacteria.It will cause mold breeding.

Mold vaginitis manifestation

The disease of mold vaginitis is mainly manifested as:

Increase in leucorrhea and thick

White tofu dregs or cream samples

Vulvar and vaginal itching and burning pain

Urinary pain with urgency and frequent urination

Impact of mold vaginitis

Regarding whether the fetus is infected during childbirth?This worry is reasonable. In fact, in the process of childbirth, the fetus and amniotic fluid are delivered together. They are protected to some extent and are not so vulnerable to infection.

However, this does not say that it can be treated without treatment. The inflammation is not treated in time, which may cause inflammation to cross infections in various physiological parts. Since you are pregnant, you should take measures as soon as possible to do not use the medicine yourself.

Generally, no treatment is required in the early three months of pregnancy, and the development is serious. Doctors will take medication as appropriate after 3 months of pregnancy.Can be cured before production, remember not to use antibiotics without authorization.

How to prevent vaginitis

1. Replace the underwear in time

2. Drink more water and urinate in time

3. The diet should be light

4. There are frequent urination, bleeding, and seek medical treatment in time

5. Please try to keep your mood cheerful, because psychological reasons will also reduce physical immunity!

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