Urticaria is a demon again, I don’t want children to catch and scratch these 5 o’clock

Finally survived the wandering sun, ushered in spring flowers, and the sunny spring, and it was time to take the baby out to walk around to feel and get close to nature.Although it is a suitable season for travel, it is also a season for high skin diseases.Children’s skin is delicate and weak, and it is more vulnerable to external invasion than adults.

No, in addition to eczema is a child’s skin disease in spring, urticaria also jumped out as a demon.When Runma browsed the parenting forum, she saw that many children were suffering from urticaria.Maybe some elderly people in the family will say that this will itch after seeing the child’s urticaria. Don’t catch it. After a while, it will be fine, but you do not know that the urticaria may often endanger the child’s life. For example, in severe cases, it will be serious.Symptoms of shock.

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What is urticaria?What are the symptoms?How to prevent and treat urticaria?Take these three questions to enter our knowledge science today on urticaria.

Urticaria, not only one type

Urticaria is also a growing family in skin diseases, commonly known as rubella and wind pimples.But urticaria can be divided into urticaria and pimple urticaria.

At the same time, urticaria is divided into two types: acute and chronic.Generally, most of the infants and young children are acute urticaria, and 80%of acute urticaria is caused by virus infections. The course of acute urticaria is generally less than 6 weeks.

Most of the pimple urticaria is due to the allergic reactions after the worm bites. Most of them occur in spring and summer. When some children are bitten on the eyelids, ears, or arms, there will be obvious redness and swelling locally, and swollen after being bitten by mosquitoes.The bag is a bit similar and easy to confuse.

Which of them can induce urticaria?

There are many reasons that cause urticaria, which can be divided into exogenous and endogenous.

Exogenous: Exogenous is mostly caused by excessive causes, such as physical factors (friction, sunlight, cold or hot, etc.), food (fish and shrimp, eggs, vegetables or fruitsPeanuts, lemon, mango, strawberries, etc.), food additives or drugs.

Endogenicity: chronic hidden infections (bacteria, viruses, parasitic infections, etc.), fatigue, vitamin D deficiency, weak autoimmune capacity, and chronic diseases caused by chronic diseases.

What are the symptoms of redness and swelling?

In addition to urticaria, there will be wind groups or vascular edema (different sizes and forms of wind dumplings) visible to the naked eye, and itching will also be accompanied by itching. When acute urticaria is severeSystemic symptoms such as chest tightness and fever, if the child’s urticaria induced by exogenous factors may also cause the danger of children’s allergic shock.

Treatment of urticaria

In the above, it is also mentioned that urticaria is easy to confuse mosquito bites, but it is actually very recognizable.Generally, mosquito bites will gradually swell, while urticaria will be repeated, and its lumps will be larger than mosquito bites. If it is not confirmed, it is recommended to take a child to seek medical treatment in time.

Because children are more special groups, the "China Peridum diagnosis and Treatment Guide (2018 Edition)" has given a clear treatment guide. Runma summarizes the following 5 points:

1. There are no reports of baby birth defects caused by the use of second -generation antihistamines during pregnancy. In the case of weighing the advantages and disadvantages, the relatively safe and reliable second -generation antihistamine drugs, such as dectori (commonly known as dectum (commonly known asKerritan), Sididizine (commonly known as dehumin, Steenin, etc.) and Zesidirazine.

2. All antihistamine drugs may be secreted by milk, and the first generation of anti -group amine drugs may cause reaction such as reduced appetite and lethargy. Moms during breastfeeding should avoid using it, but breastfeeding mothers during urticaria are suffering from urticaria.The second -generation antihistamine drug that has no sedative effect.

3. The second -generation anti -group amine medicine without sedative effect is a first -line drug for the treatment of children’s urticaria.However, if the treatment is invalid, it is recommended to increase the dose as appropriate (according to weight) when the guardian’s consent is informed.

4. Pay close attention to the impact of sedating antihistamine drugs on the learning of children.

5. TCM therapy has a certain effect on urticaria, but it needs to be treated.

Summary: The above -mentioned drugs need to be used by doctors. The causes of urticaria are different for each child. Do not refer to others to use drugs by themselves.

If the child occurs in urticaria, the parents can also use cold compresses to relieve the child to stop itching. The cold compress time should not be too long. It can be about 5 minutes, so as not to continue cold compresses to cause the child frostbite, or use the smear of glycrystone to stop it.Itching effect.

Prevent from biting

In order to make children less sick, parents need to start prevention from daily drips. We can start from the following 3 points.

Avoid diet

Vegetables, pork, etc.

If the child’s allergic symptoms disappear in the short term, they can gradually introduce the types of food in a planned manner, and take evasion measures for allergic foods.With the growth of children, this kind of allergic symptoms will slowly disappear after the immune system develops, but it may also accompany the child’s life.

Pay attention to living life

Sometimes urticaria is caused by the invisible bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. invisible in daily living life. Diligence to wash the bedding, clothes, and plush toys used by children can effectively avoid these endogenous factors.

Sun protection starts with dolls

Using parasols, sun hats, and sunscreens can not only play sunscreen, but also to prevent children from being caused by too hot or urticaria caused by sunshine.

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