Unwanted pregnancy how to do?Only this solution is the best!

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In daily life, there will always be some accidents that we accidentally happen. For example, when the gunfire is on fire, the child may come quietly when we are not ready.Don’t plan to want a baby, the only choice is abortion.

Different abortion methods are needed in different stages of pregnancy.If the method is wrong, it may not only achieve the desired effect, but also cause damage to pregnant women, and may cause unnecessary harm to yourself. Do you know?

Within 7 weeks of pregnancy, drug abortion is the best choice.

Drug abortion is the best way to get in the early stages of pregnancy.Disease abortion is a small way for women.The abortion of the drug requires a period of observation to determine whether it is clean and whether it is needed to clear the palace. This must be paid attention to.

For more than 7 weeks of pregnancy, the flow of people is the best way to take.

Now everyone generally chooses painless abortion, because the flow of people is a very painful thing.This pain is difficult to bear as long as it is a woman who has not yet given birth.Although the use of anesthesia without painless abortion will have certain risks, it can reduce the harm to women, which is a kind of protection for women.

The flow of people must choose a regular hospital. Never go to the small clinic.Already made a mistake, don’t make mistakes again.The more regular hospitals, the higher the surgical safety.

7 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, it is best to choose palace suction; 11 to 14 weeks of pregnancy, curettage is the best way.

The pregnancy time is more than 14 weeks, and you can only choose to induce labor.

At this time, the flow of drugs and flow of people have no effect.It can only achieve the purpose through the way of induction.This method is the biggest damage to women, so don’t drag this step.

It is the best way to solve it as soon as possible.Don’t think about it, think about it, and finally think about the best abortion time when you want to have a miscarriage.

No matter which method is used, it will inevitably cause certain harm to women’s bodies. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid this thing as possible.

Unexpected pregnancy, there is no absolute good way of abortion, only in time, the best way.Not encountering this situation is the best protection for women.Of course, family standing test strips are also necessary.

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