Unexpected pregnancy abortion surgery cannot be later than this time.

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After listening to my mother -in -law saying such a thing, my mother -in -law said that she had a friend. This friend had an unexpected pregnancy, because there was already a child and a daughter at home, so she was not ready to ask for this child, but for various reasons, she was too late to not be late.When I went to the hospital, I didn’t know where to hear a recipe. It was said that it could be aborted naturally without surgery. My mother -in -law, a friend who believed in the prescription, but a few months later, the child did not flow.When the fetus was nearly 7 months old, the mother -in -law’s friend was really unbearable. In the end, there was no way to go to the hospital for abortion surgery.I heard that during the miscarriage, it was a great crime. What’s more cruel was that the fetus had been formed, and the doctor couldn’t bear it when the abortion.

Unexpected pregnancy, but it is not ready to leave this child. So when is the most suitable abortion surgery?The doctor suggested that after pregnancy, if you are not ready to give birth to your baby, it is best to go to the hospital for abortion surgery when the baby is not fetal. The time is basically between 40 days and 60 days of pregnancy.At the time of consciousness, he ended his life, making the fetus less sin and less sin, otherwise the larger the fetus, and it was more difficult to perform surgery. At the same time, the woman’s own body would not be able to eat it.

Just like my mother -in -law’s friend, because the surgery was suffering a lot at that time. It is said that the aunt later gave birth to another child in order to raise her body. The purpose was to treat the disease left on the body.Whether this method is useful for the time being, it can only be said that accidental pregnancy, you must surgery in time, otherwise the last time he suffers is yourself.

After some women are pregnant, they do not go to the hospital for various reasons, causing the abortion time to be too late.In principle, it is harmful for more than 12 weeks, because at this time, the general curettage surgery cannot be performed, and the surgery will suffer greater pain.

Sometimes it is difficult for doctors

The fetus is too large, and the labor needs to be induced when miscarriage. The so -called induction of labor is to allow the fetus to give birth to a normal childbirth passage through a special method.There was a pregnant mother who found her husband derailed during more than 5 months of pregnancy and divorced the two. Later, the pregnant mother also decided to give up the baby in the belly and went to the hospital for induction of labor.There are signs of life. The doctors and nurses present are particularly difficult. It is really cruel. A good life died in advance because of the rupture of the parents’ feelings.

Therefore, you must be cautious when you are pregnant. No matter what kind of abortion surgery is adopted, it should not be too late. The best choice in time is when the fetus is less than 3 months old.Only after abortion, women’s bodies are easier to recover.Some women’s abortion surgery is not thorough, which will cause the uterus to suffer a lot. It is also bad to wait until they really want to get pregnant.

Finally, it is recommended that for women, if you are not prepared for your child, you must pay attention. It is best not to get yourself pregnant.It’s big.


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