Unemployed men pretend to be soldiers to "infatuated women" to become pregnant!During the wedding of her mother’s Zhang Luo, she was panicked to go to Wuhan for the college in Wuhan to advance the ran

Sun Moumou, who was born in 1993, was an unemployed tourist, but pretended to be an active officer. He used his girlfriend He Mou’s identity information to cash out, borrowed, white bars and other methods through credit cards. In just half a year, he borrowed more than 190,000 yuan, causing the woman to get pregnant.Recently, the People’s Procuratorate of Huangdao District (West Coast New Area) (the West Coast New District) of the people prosecutor of the suspect offending the prosecution of the suspect was suspected of pretending to be a soldier.

Sun Moumou is from Heilongjiang. He was born in 1993. His parents are honest farmers.

After graduating from college, Sun Moumou arrived at the factory to work. In October 2018, after resigning from the factory, he became a dedicated tourist.

In mid -October 2018, Sun Moumou, who was doing nothing, searched the people nearby through dating software, and found He Mou.

The first bomb of the lie …

"I told her that I was an active soldier, deputy brigade commander, and colonel, and was just transferred to a local army to perform a defense task."

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Sun Moumou said that he felt that the soldiers were sacred, the social status was relatively high, and he was loved by others.

"Besides the troops, it is more mysterious in the eyes of ordinary people. It is not easy to check the authenticity."

Considering the friends who met online, He Mou was also doubtful to Sun Moumou at first.

Later, Sun Moumou told her a lot of troops, and also demonstrated her military official certificate and photos of military uniforms.

He was convinced of Sun Moumou, and the two soon called "husband" and "wife".

At this time, He Mou, he did not think that Sun Moumou’s officer’s certificate had just been faked on the Internet.

Next, Sun Moumou’s series of lies caused incurable damage to He Mou and her family.

In November 2018, He Mou and Sun Moumou met.

Looking at the "officer" who was tall and talked about in front of him, He Mou was full of joy, and the relationship between the two quickly heated up.

During the relationship, He Mou proposed many times that he wanted to go to Sun Moumou’s troops to see.

Every time Sun Moumou was: the troops have not arranged for the single apartment of the officer for the time being.

Soon, He Mou took Sun Moumou home to see his parents.

During the meeting, He Mou’s father asked what the parents of both sides met.

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The second bomb of the lie …

Sun Moumou said: His father was a commander of a military region and sacrificed on the battlefield.The mother had been remarried after her father died. When the Laba Festival came to the uncle in Beijing and booked the marriage.

"Considering the situation of his parents, I wasn’t embarrassed to say anything. As a result, the Laba Festival didn’t see his family coming." He Mou’s father said.

At this time, what should Sun Moumou explain?

The most amazing lie of the third bomb …

Sun Moumou said: The mother died, because the problem where the ashes were placed, the family was making trouble.

When you talk about this, his true purpose can’t hide it.

At the end of 2018, Sun Moumou said to He Mou that the credit card launched by a bank was very large because he was an officer’s identity and could not handle it.

He proposed that he wanted to use He Mou’s identity information and his mobile phone number to get a credit card.

He agreed.

The payment point handling fee successfully collected the cash. After the unemployment, Sun Moumou, who was nervous, tasted the sweetness.

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The first credit card came so easy, he couldn’t wait to continue to deceive …

Immediately afterwards, Sun Moumou used excuses such as "Come on" and "discounts for traveling abroad" and so on, so that He Mou had 9 credit cards.

In addition, he borrowed He Mou’s bank card with Alipay, borrowed a few money, and used He Mou’s identity information to apply for two online loans.

In just half a year, Sun Moumou borrowed more than 190,000 yuan through various means.

This money, Sun Moumou is all used for eating, drinking, and fun.

In early 2019, He was pregnant …

Sun Moumou consumes He Mou’s credit card and online loan money, making various reasons, and cope with the request to get married.

Either the troops cannot ask for leave.

Either the organizational approval document required for the officer’s marriage is not down.

In this way, the parents of both sides did not meet, and the marriage period was dragged again and again.

In April 2019, online loan companies kept calling He Mou, and she began to doubt Sun Moumou.

The fourth bomb of the lie …

At this time, Sun Moumou wrote a "Army Red Head File" who wrote "Agree to Marry He Mou". When she was in front of He Mou, she instantly dispelled her doubts.

Seeing that her daughter was pregnant for more than four months, her marriage was not determined, and He Mou’s parents were very anxious.

Under the urging of the old man, Sun Moumou finally replied: On April 30, 2019, he held a thank -you banquet in the West Coast New District.

Back to Beijing on May 2nd to hold a wedding.

Lie 5th …

During the marriage period, when He Mou’s parents were close to Zhang Luo’s wedding, Sun Moumou brought another "red -headed document" for the army.

Document requirements: Sun Moumou went to Wuhan, Hubei to conduct a major assessment, and the wedding needs to be postponed.

Although He Mou’s parents were angry, thinking that this was a critical period for assessment and promotion, he could not delay the future of "quasi -son -in -law".

The priority was that the old couple quickly went to the relatives’ family notice and explained the extension of the wedding.

The fox tail was finally exposed.

When He Mou’s parents explained to He Mou’s aunt and cousin, the cousin said that the classmates also served in the troops of Sun Moumou.

But the phone asked that the troops did not call Sun Moumou.

Coincidentally, He Mou called and said that Sun Moumou needed to borrow 25,000 yuan to use it on the road.

The more of the parents of the He family felt that the more they felt strange, and they called the police immediately after calling back to her daughter.

At this point, Sun Moumou’s scam was finally exposed, and it would be severe punishment for the law to wait for him.

Recently, the People’s Procuratorate of the West Coast New District of Qingdao filed a public prosecution to Sun Moumou in accordance with the law.

The editor has reminded many times that when the two keywords of online friends and borrowing money are encountered together, even if this relationship is sweet, you must pour a pot of cold water and sober …

Source: Peninsula Metropolis Daily WeChat

Edit: Doudou

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