Two weeks of pregnancy, can you have a breast through your baby?Doctor: Avoid this critical period

I am a physician. Although it is not in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, I have always paid attention to such issues, because I have been doing health science, and I have also checked a lot of relevant information about this issue in the early pregnancy.

The calculation of the female pregnancy week is like this. Women’s pregnancy cycle is generally calculated from the first day of the last menstruation, and from ovulation to conception, it must go through more than 10 sky windows before and after. Generally, ovulation is on the 14th day before the next menstruation, So you said that for two weeks of pregnancy, I do n’t know if it ’s two weeks of the actual number of days, or other calculation methods.

If it starts from ovulation, the general work of these two weeks is to complete fertilization, transport fertilized eggs to the rich soil to village.There is a saying of "yes" and "none" within one month of pregnancy. If the embryo is affected by the outside world, the automatic screening and elimination mechanism will be started.

In other words, if the fertilized embryo has a quality problem, then it will be eliminated automatically. In other words, the high -quality embryo will grow up in the mother’s house and grow up slowly.This is the saying of "yes" and "none". The automatic elimination of problems has been eliminated, and the test that can stand the test of the test is growing healthy in the mother’s small house.

Therefore, the children are survived by the mother. The pregnant mothers should not be too tangled. The current screening mechanism is very advanced. As long as the production checks are performed according to the prescribed manual of the pregnant woman, many problems can be checked.

In the second month of pregnancy, many expectant mothers’ bodies will change significantly. This is because of the impact of hormones in the body. After the body is conceived, progesterone and progesterone begin to rise.A series of pregnancy reactions such as chest pain.This period is the critical period of fetal teratogenic, and the original cells in the fertilized eggs have been differentiated and developed into the baby’s reproductive organs.

Development on the back, medium neurotic tube and 40 segment body festivals began to form.So it is important to supplement folic acid at this stage.Some mothers say what should I do if she did not supplement folic acid before pregnancy?In fact, you don’t have to worry about this problem. From this moment, you can take it in conventional doses at this moment.

In the third month of pregnancy, the fetus’s nose, eyes, and mouth will slowly form, until all organs at the end of the third month of pregnancy are basically developed.The liver began to produce blood cells, the heart began to pump blood, and the kidneys began to urinate …

Some mothers say that they have consulted many doctors. In this case, they answered ambiguous. In fact, this is inseparable from the doctor’s words and skills. There are exceptions in everything. If the doctor is certainly said, there is really a problem.It became a medical dispute.Doctors have no positive sentence, only scientific basis and clinical experience, which is our professional literacy.

I remember a colleague, my son was already in college, and I didn’t plan to ask for a child. I accidentally found that I was pregnant half a month ago. To be honest, I did not ovulate half a month ago, let alone get pregnant.But she was more worried. Under our persuasion, she decided to leave the child, but she did not pass it when she was asking her son’s opinions. She attributed the problem to the wine and gave herself a psychological understanding.

I found that my baby was pregnant, and I did my chest through one month of pregnancy, so I couldn’t get too tangled.However, if you take some taboo drugs stipulated during pregnancy, you must pay attention, because some drugs are slower in metabolism and can be excreted for a long time.

Pregnant mothers should pay special attention to the inspection of some explicit ban, and actively inform the medical staff to prepare for pregnancy before doing the examination.Couples are prepared for pregnancy, quit smoking, quit drinking, maintain a good mood, do not stay up late, and do not take other drugs.During pregnancy, she started taking folic acid, and men eat some zinc -rich foods.

In many cases, symptoms during pregnancy are similar to colds, weakness, low fever, etc. Many women often treat it as ordinary cold symptoms.Therefore, for women in the age of childbearing age, if there is symptoms similar to a cold, do not rush to take medicine. First buy a trial note to test whether you are pregnant, and make sure that you are not pregnant and then take the medicine.Lifetime.

Breeding a healthy baby is the wish of every mother, I wish you a good pregnancy!

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